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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

It is time to step up and take responsibility for our actions; the issues of 2020 have nothing to do with the year and everything to do with us. Art by Cassidy Bixby.

Don’t blame 2020

Cassidy Bixby, Reporter June 3, 2021

It is time to step up and take responsibility for our actions; the issues of 2020 have nothing to do with the year and everything to do with us. Masks have been essential in the U.S. for almost a year...

College mail, swarming and overwhelming students, fails to leave a lasting impact on students and, instead, negatively affects the natural world. Art by Sofia Leotta.

editorial: College mail is becoming increasingly irrelevant

Sofia Leotta, Copy Editor May 18, 2021

Paper waste is simply accepted in America. In a country where more than one billion trees worth of paper are thrown away each year, efforts must be taken to reduce usage whenever possible. This begins...

History months are a constant in our daily lives and provide a space for marginalized communities to speak about the hardships they face. Although many people become educated on relevant topics during these months, lasting changes have yet to be made. Art by Rory Knettles and Tyler Vuu

editorial: History months provide a platform for performative activism

Rory Knettles and Tyler Vuu March 23, 2021

History months are a unique celebration of the heritage and identity of marginalized communities. Each and every month is a new celebration and a new platform for these communities to tell their stories...

“How about I do it my way, you do it your way, we do what the party supporters want, and we
call it a day.” Art by Ishika Kaushik.

Editorial: Recent events reveal flaws in the bipartisan system

February 16, 2021

For the first time ever, the Confederate flag, a symbol of the Confederates who sought to establish a new nation and preserve slavery at the time of the Civil War, entered the US Capitol doors. On Jan....

Paying exposed or symptonic workers to self-quarantine should be a fundamental component of the United State’s COVID-19 response. Art by Sofia Leotta.

Editorial: Potentially-contagious workers should be paid to stay home

Sofia Leotta and Tyler Vuu December 10, 2020

With the U.S. slowly approaching 15 million cases in early December, the country’s response to the pandemic has been closely followed by the public eye. Essential workers are at the center of relief...

Though social media activism has its benefits, activism must extend beyond social media content in order to make a real impact. Art by Jackie Su.

Instagram advocacy needs a more direct approach

Jackie Su and Sofia Leotta November 28, 2020

With the civil unrest that our country has been facing, social media activism, primarily on Instagram, has emerged as an accessible tool to help inform people of important issues in our world.  Instagram...

Standardized testing is simply another barrier for students to scale in their journey to higher education.  Art by Margaret He.

editorial: Test-optional is the only option

Margaret He, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 7, 2020

On Sept. 1, a judge in California ordered that the University of California system discontinue use of standardized testing in admissions this fall; in other words, UC schools will not accept test scores...

Stimulus checks provide a band-aid solution to larger problem

Stimulus checks provide a band-aid solution to larger problem

Margaret He, Opinion Editor May 11, 2020

On March 5, an op-ed calling for a government stimulus package of $350 million and stimulus checks of $1,000 to most Americans was published in the Wall Street Journal. As businesses, schools and public...

 The impact of the New Voices Act on student journalism highlights the progress being made for students’ self-expression rights. Art by Naomi Nam

More protection for student self-expression is needed

Naomi Nam, Cheeky Editor April 4, 2020

Students are told that they are given the right to freedom of speech and expression by the First Amendment, the very first thing prioritized when writing the Bill of Rights. Although the foundation of...

Memorial assemblies graphic for page five. Art by Sonya Sheptunov

editorial: staff and student speakers create impactful assemblies

Sonya Sheptunov, Editor-in-Chief February 7, 2020

Assemblies in memoriam hold a unique place in the hearts of those with ties to the event they honor. Their purpose is to honor the event’s foundations while paving a road for the future— a balancing...

Growth-based grading has its benefits and downsides. Art by Margaret He

editorial: Growth based grading

Miles Gelatt, News Editor December 20, 2019

Growth-based grading is a measure of a student’s performance and improvement over time, in which teachers base a part of a student’s grade on growth. This grading system, in theory, is supposed to...

Illustration of a football helmet in the boys locker room. Art by Margaret He

editorial: Need for transparency regarding sexual misconduct

Margaret He, Opinion Editor November 22, 2019

Last spring, a student at Bothell High School approached a campus police officer about a conversation he’d overheard, in which athletes described a practice called “Rape Squad” that involved players...

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