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Art by Carter Ross.

Cheeky coloring pages

Carter Ross, Reporter March 26, 2021

We here at Cheeky have provided a few coloring pages for any Inglemoor Viking with a creative itch! Color these in traditionally or digitally! With scribbles, fine details, inside the lines, or outside...

A Cheeky guide to surviving (and thriving) during COVID-19

A Cheeky guide to surviving (and thriving) during COVID-19

The following text is purely satire. We would never subject the world to the weaponization of Karens, hamster-themed birthday parties and casual necromancy. Any and all name-matching incidents are purely coincidental per the result of multi-dimensional mirroring via a rupture in the space-time continuum.
Sonya Sheptunov and Mia Tavares April 22, 2020

Click below for Cheeky's one-and-only patented guide to surviving during the COVID-19 apocalypse!  

Valentine's Day is here once again. It's time to celebrate with a puzzling puzzle to reveal what you need to get your significant other to make this Valentine's extra special. Art by Rahima Baluch

Cheeky Valentine’s crossword

To be young and in love seems undesirable to say the least. But, of course, with love comes a wave of consumerism in an attempt to show your so-called significant other how much you care about them. Complete the crossword below to discover the perfect gift to surprise your partner with on the dreaded Valentine’s Day.
Rahima Baluch, Web-Editor-in-Chief February 7, 2020

Download the PDF below and complete this crossword to determine the perfect Valentine's gift. Cheeky page 23 (4)

Cheeky's franken-recipes

Cheeky’s franken-recipes

If you didn't get a chance to pick up a print newspaper, simply print this webpage our and have fun coming up with crazy recipes for you and your friends to try.
Margaret He and Cathy Zhao November 22, 2019

  Disclaimer: This article is purely satire. For best results, complete all recipes at once. We at Cheeky are sorry if the recipe becomes poisonous.

Cheeky Halloween origami

Cheeky Halloween origami

If you missed our print issue, be sure to print this page out and experience the interactive Cheeky fun for Halloween!
Naomi Nam, Reporter October 25, 2019

Having trouble deciding what to be for Halloween? Take a risk with a magical fortune teller to reveal your fate: are you more likely to be zombie student insomniac or a makeup perfectionist banshee?

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