Cheeky coloring pages

Robyn Ross, Design and Cheeky Editor

We here at Cheeky have provided a few coloring pages for any Inglemoor Viking with a creative itch! Color these in traditionally or digitally! With scribbles, fine details, inside the lines, or outside the lines! These illustrations are based off of our very own mascot, Thor the God of Thunder from Norse mythology. Here he is in some fierce battles with a few of his famous nemeses.

Also if any Viking wants to, they can submit their colored-in pages to us so we can display them on our website! Contact us through our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and send us a picture!

DISCLAIMER: We here at Cheeky don’t condone placing wagers on mythical creatures, but our money’s on Loki to win that stare-down.

Here Thor is locked in battle with the fiercest evil Scandinavian lore has to offer, Surtr. Designed to be the one who shall end the world during Ragnarök, Surtr is one tough giant! Well, with Thor wielding his trusty hammer, Mjölnir, and his electrifying lightning powers, our fierce mascot is sure to put up quite the battle.

Robyn Ross

Thor is at his wits end when dealing with Loki the God of Mischief. Thor actually doesn’t have any familial ties to Loki in Norse mythology. I can’t believe Marvel Comics lied to us! In an intense stare-down with the trickster-god, Thor stands tall above the scoundrel’s cunning grin.

Robyn Ross

Fun Fact: Loki naturally has the ability to change his shape as well as his sex. Neat, huh?