Continuing the legacy: the 50th Viking president

Valerie Cid, Centerspread and Review Editor

Could you imagine having to create a new culture in a school with hundreds of students? A community?

Our current ASB president, Tara Mihailovic, prefers starting fresh over having to build off of old ideas.

“It must have been nerve wracking to build a new community,” Mihailovic said in regard to our first ASB president, Sherwood Dickie. “But at the same time really exciting. Right now, it’s really hard to bring up new events. You never know how the school will react to it, a lot of people might shut it down.”

Mihailovic plans to fight against the current this year and introduce new cultural aspects.

“I think it’s very important for us to create new events that are going to appeal to a larger group to get everyone involved. Homecoming, Tolo, Black and Gold Fridays–we get the same students to participate every single time. I want to work on what we as ASB can do to get more kids involved. We need to know what they want to see and we need to figure out how we can do it for them” Mihailovic said.

In addition to sparking school spirit, Mihailovic wants to see every single student feel important.

“Everyone is important––people don’t realize it, but they should know they are. I know it’s an outrageous goal and it’s going to be very hard to reach, but I think it can be done with a lot of little things like holding doors open in the morning,” Mihailovic said.

Mihailovic also couldn’t achieve her goals without her executive team: vice president Mannat Sukhija, treasurer Josh Whalen, secretary Nayeon Kang, and clubs and fundraising coordinator Teagan Miller.

Although she does prefer starting off fresh, these new ideas that Mihailovic plans to implement are a great way to build off of the old.

“I would say we are a really diverse group,” Mihailovic said. “If you were ever to walk into one of our meetings it would be really chaotic, but that’s what makes us like a family.”