Inglemoor introduces compelling classes and electives


Jana Dimikj and Ishika Kaushik

The 2020-2021 course catalog features seven new electives for students to choose from. Art by Jana Dimikj and Ishika Kaushik

Jana Dimikj and Ishika Kaushik

From a mariachi class to the women and gender studies course, there are many exciting new electives for students to choose from in the 2021-2022 school year. The course catalog includes diverse electives for all areas of interest. With course registration in full swing until March 26, here are a few of the new electives you should consider taking based on your interests and curiosities.



According to the course catalog, this class exposes students to a wide range of music and involves aspects of composition, performance and critical analysis of music. Students can expect to enhance their understanding of music and gain an international perspective through the rigorous IB curriculum. 

“I am interested in what the IB program can offer in music. Hopefully, the promise of an ‘International’ education can provide new insights into music,” sophomore Justin Chae said.



Based on the course catalog, the beginning Mariachi class gives students an opportunity to explore the rich music traditions of Mexico. No prior experience is required and students will have the chance to perform throughout the school year.

I think the Mariachi class in particular is a really interesting addition to Inglemoor’s electives because it is exploring music from another culture, which I don’t think is something that the other music classes really focus on,” freshman Arlene Layal said.



Ethnic Studies is a class that analyzes how one’s identity and culture is impacted by societal systems and explores how power influences race, economics and law. The ultimate goal of the class is to eliminate racism. 

“I am interested in taking Ethnic Studies to learn more about inequalities in this world and how to get rid of systems that lead to racism and sexism,” Layal said.

 With respect to both this class and Women and Gender Studies, Layal said she hopes that the classes will allow her to learn more about how inequalities emerged and ways society can be changed to eliminate them. 

 “Ethnic Studies and Women and Gender Studies are really important additions because learning about inequalities between people of different races and/or genders is really important to understand the society we live in and take action to address them,” Layal said.



Women and Gender Studies is a semester long class that explores women’s history and history of gender along with current women’s and gender issues. This class is non-traditional and is largely discussion and participation based. 

One piece of this class that makes it very different is that students play a direct role in what we learn about. I give students the opportunity to choose what the class is about,” teacher Brittney Kim said.

“I want students to have a chance to broaden their perspectives of the world and learn from people they normally don’t hear from. I also feel that this class will be very different from any other social studies-related class they have taken before,” Kim said. 

A course like this could interest anyone with an eye for activism and social analysis. This course will introduce students to multiple debates and perspectives from people of different backgrounds. 

“Women and Gender studies benefits all students because too often students are given a limited perspective of the human experience. When we limit our stories and our perspectives of what being human is, it limits our understanding of our abilities and of our potential. All students taking this class will get to broaden their views of what people are capable of and how we work together,” Kim said. 

Junior Harshini Iyer said that Women and Gender Studies will be a valuable resource in working to bridge the gap between past and present gender issues. 

“This class is an important addition to Inglemoor as it will help students understand historical events as well as current events,” she said.



In the new art elective, Mixed Media Fiber Arts, students will learn various art forms such as batiking, which is producing colored designs on textiles using dye and wax, 2D and 3D felting using natural fibers, 3D paper sculpting, paper mache and stitching.

 “I like how it has a really wide variety of art styles, and I think it would be really fun to try new styles of art that I haven’t tried before. This class would really inspire students to be creative and expressive because of the variety of types and styles of art, materials, and techniques,” Layal said.

Overall, too many choices can make it harder for students to decide which elective to choose as they go through the registration process. Regardless, both Layal and Chae believe the addition of classes is beneficial for students. 

Trying to find the ‘right’ class to appeal to students in addition to finding fun classes is very difficult. Hopefully, Inglemoor can find a reasonable balance. There are many instances where the addition of classes is beneficial,” Chae said.

 Layal said all of these electives have added more diversity to Inglemoor’s electives and are very different from ones that have been offered in the past. Each elective is an important addition to Inglemoor and is unique in its own way. 

Increasing the number of options for students can help cater to particular interests and careers,” Chae said. 


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