Protect our birds

Hannah Zaharia, Business Manager

Classroom windows are proving to be a deadly problem for the school campus’ bird population.

Windows capture the reflection of the trees and foliage behind them, confusing birds and causing them to fly directly into the hard surfacess. A bird was killed in such a way earlier this May.

With school-wide cooperation, these deaths are easily preventable.

“I had my class make some nice artwork to tape up onto the windows,” physics teacher Kelly Haupt said. “I am not aware of any birds flying into my window since.”

Haupt suggests that students hanging bright, patterned artworks that stand out against classroom windows to counteract the misleading reflections and prevent fatal collisions. The art shouldn’t be concentrated in just one area, but spread out.

Go to a teacher for help if a bird still managed to hit a window despite preventative measures. While it may appear to be dead, it might just be stunned.

If the bird is in an unsafe place, meaning exposed to people, predators or bad weather, gently lower the bird into an empty brown paper bag and fold the top down. Then put the bag in the corner of a quiet, warm room.

Check on the bird every hour or so. If it survived the collision, it should be fine within a couple hours.

Thank you for keeping Inglemoor safe!