Places to play on a rainy day

Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Here are Nordic’s favorite places to play.


Rory Knettles

Graphic of rain clouds over Seattle. Art by Rory Knettles

Rory Knettles, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Get in touch with your inner Viking by taking a trip to the National Nordic Museum in Seattle. With only $10 admission for students (or free first Thursdays), spending a whole day learning about your fellow Nords is well worth it. Come before Jan. 15 to learn about the fashion and textile industry in Scandinavia at the temporary Oleana exhibit. The permanent exhibit—Nordic Journeys—will broaden your understanding of Nordic culture and how it has expanded over the last twelve thousand years. Finish your day by eating like a modern Viking at the Freya Cafe. 


Finish your homework while watching the rain fall from The Den in Bothell. Enjoy a wide selection of foods and drinks including bubble tea and cold brew for a great day of studying. Students can use the free wifi in the cafe or in any of the meeting rooms without buying any of the products — but it would be hard not to. The three meeting rooms are excellent locations for study groups or meeting up with friends, although they come at a small price. Live music nights on weekends and after school give students the chance to take a break from a busy week and relax to see local performers play.  With a calm and inviting atmosphere, The Den is the ideal place to relax while waiting for the rain to pass.


Nestled on a street corner in Shoreline, Landmark’s Crest Cinema Center is quite the diamond in the rough. Although they may be a little behind chain theaters, you can see relatively new movies at only a fraction of the price. They charge only four dollars for a ticket to see any movie. The theater shows more than movies, though, including “The Nutcracker” ballet on Nov. 26 or the play “The Winter’s Tale” on Dec. 4. While you’re there, take a look at the hall of stars — a wall full of actors and actresses in their prime. 


Why go out when you can just stay in? Chill out with your friends while having a movie marathon! Take a well deserved break from the stress of school with the warm and cozy environment of a self-made blanket fort! Enjoy some hot chocolate and forget about what you have to do and the weather outside. Watch “The Time Traveler’s Wife” if you’re in need of a good drama, “Let it Snow” to see a feel-good romantic comedy, or “The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep” for a humorous, family-friendly film. Add some fairy lights and an abundance of pillows for the complete blanket fort experience.