Artists at Inglemoor: Link Gazey

Junior Link Gazey reveals his artistic process and inspiration.


Link Gazey

One of Link Gazey’s art pieces.

Mireya Avalos, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Comic-loving junior Link Gazey has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Gazey’s art draws inspiration from various comics, novels and Studio Ghibli films. His interests in makeup and cosplay have also helped shape his style of art and help him understand the art of detail. 

Alongside the detail work that Gazey studied, human anatomy is a study he said he worked on perfecting. Studying art of the human anatomy and how each body part moves and works is important to learn about when you are drawing people. 

Gazey said that lots of preparation goes into each piece of artwork he creates, learning this from previous research and experience. Before his final product is created, he had to do lots of preliminary sketches.

“I do a lot of reference sketches and doodles before I start on any big piece,” Gazey said, “which helps me the hang of details I need before struggling with the final piece.” 

He said the layers and drastic array of colors in his work are very apparent within each piece.

“A lot of my art is based on stories I’ve read or seen. My own stories and characters are all based on the genres I love and situations I’d love to read in a book,” Gazey said.

He said following other artists’ work has inspired him to continue to make art.

“Seeing someone’s works in progress alongside the final piece is a real motivator to get up and work on my own projects,” Gazey said.

Although being an artist has been a part of Gazey’s identity from a young age, a career in an art field is not in his path; he has other plans for his art.

“Though I don’t plan on making art the only thing I do, I dream of some day having one of my comics completed and published. Writing and comics on the side is my ideal future for me,” Gazey said.

According to Gazey, keeping a positive mindset is important to his work. A quote that Gazey keeps in mind while working is one by Micheal John Bobak, “all progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

“It’s a quote I’m still learning to follow,” Gazey said, “but one that’s really useful to know.”