“Need a little spooky action?”

Are you overcome with schoolwork or other human obligations, but you need a little Halloween hit? Look no further, for Cheeky knows how you can spook up your daily routine. Happy hunting!

• We would suggest that you cut holes in your sheets but we all know you’ve already been ghosted enough this year.

Proceed with the activity you are currently doing, just turn off the lights.

• Instead of studying for your test, hold a seance to ask the Newton himself about your physics exam. For extra luck, sacrifice a TI-84 calculator in a pentagram made up of textbooks.

• Impress your bio teacher by creating your own frankenstein! Bonus points if the limbs belong to someone you know.

• Eat healthy. Alternately: Only eat pumpkin shaped cookies. Scare and/or spook the calories away.

• Pretend you’re alone in a haunted house and shriek when anyone attempts to talk to you

• Join a game of Middle School Dodgeball.

• Provide an evil laugh whenever necessary. This includes, but is not limited to: any light-hearted joke, friends expressing sincere emotion, any time someone stubs their toe.

Despite the desperate attempts of Cheeky to spook you in your time of need, the truth of the matter is that to find fear one must only look inside themselves, and thus at the vast empty space of uncertainty. Humans fear but one thing: the unknown. And teenage vapers. Check out our first print issue of the year on Nov 9. for more spooky content!