Student hit by car in early morning


Shannon Hong

Only a couple hours later, the south crosswalk shows no indication that this is where junior Nathan Loutsis was hit by a car at around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. Loutsis said he advises other students to be “extra cautious this winter in the dark and to be very careful when driving.”

Junior Nathan Loutsis was hit by a car this morning at around 6:30 a.m. when he attempted to cross at the southeast crosswalk on the corner of NE 157th St and Simonds Way. Loutsis reported that he suffered minor injuries, and he expects to return to school tomorrow. According to a Facebook post by the City of Kenmore, a police investigation has been launched on the driver and all witnesses are urged to contact the Kenmore Police at (206) 296-3311 with any information concerning the driver’s identity.

Like most zero-period days, Loutsis walked to school today wearing reflectors on his backpack for visibility. As he approached the southeast crosswalk, Loutsis said he followed his usual routine: hit the pedestrian signal, look both ways and cross. However, as he reached the other side, a car driving south towards Juanita hit him on his back leg without slowing.

“The impact knocked my shoe off and knocked me to the ground,” Loutsis said. “I had immense pain up and down my leg as I [lay] in the street yelling for help.”

Bystanders called for an ambulance and helped carry Loutsis off the street.

Upon receiving reports that a student walking to school had been hit, Assistant Principals Joe Mismas and Erica Hill walked down to the scene around 6:50 a.m. By this time, there were multiple medics, ambulances, fire trucks and a police officer present. Mismas said that when he arrived, Loutsis was “awake, alert, and talking.”

Following the accident, Loutsis was transported by the fire department to Evergreen Hospital in order to receive further medical attention. He was released this morning with injuries including a broken foot, abrasions and road rash. Loutsis said he plans to take it easy as he recovers and see multiple medical professionals for treatment.

In the morning, after determining Loutsis was safe, Mismas and Hill proceeded to follow the set procedure for an emergency. They discussed next steps with medics for the injured student and later notified district administration of the incident.

Administration urges students to connect with counselors if the events of this morning triggered any trauma or anxiety. Mismas said the counselors and staff have all been alerted of the incident. The administration will continue to correspond with the police and medics about any new information.

“I compliment the city of Kenmore on the quick response,” Mismas said. “The parents were quickly notified and are aware of the accident and know that the school is here to support the family,” Mismas said.

As mornings get darker, Mismas said, all drivers should be extra cautious for pedestrians and their general surroundings.

“Simonds Road is a busy road, and the [northwest] crosswalk closest to the school is pretty well lit,” Mismas said. “[The southeast crosswalk] is not. I want students to know, as they walk to school as it’s darker, to be really cautious of cars. From a car’s perspective, too, it’s harder to see when it’s raining or when it’s dark.”

For more information on the nature of the accident, look at the City of Kenmore Facebook page.