Spectacle: The Music Video

The EMP explores the history and evolution of music videos within the last 30 years


Julia Stout

Structure seen in The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” video

Julia Stout, Reporter

Whether you listen to pop, punk, or alternative music, music videos can take songs from good to great. They can be used to entertain, add meaning, or make a political statement.

Currently, EMP has on display “Spectacle: The Music Video,” an exhibit that captures the evolution of music videos in the last 30 years.

The exhibit shows a combination of both iconic music videos from the last 30 years and the props and sets that brought them to life.

Beginning with classic videos from The Beatles and Queen to Radiohead and the White Stripes, “Spectacle” explores all the creative aspects that make up music videos as a whole.

The exhibit explores artistic elements such as “Shadows and Light” and “Smoke and Mirrors,” as well as showcases videos that utilize new technology to interact with the viewer such as 3D videos, such as Bjork’s “Wanderlust” and interactive videos such as Vincent Morisset’s video of “Neon Bible” by Arcade Fire.

Overall, this exhibition is both entertaining and enlightening, and is a great way to spend a few extra hours.

Some other exhibits going on at EMP right now include “Indie Game Revolution” which features the stories of over 40 independent games and game designers, and “We are 12th”, an exhibit which examines the history of the “12th Man,” and the impact it had on the Seahawks’ 2014 Super Bowl win.

For Star Wars fans, coming at the end of January is “Star Wars and the Power of Costume,” presents a behind the scenes look at some of the costumes from one of the most iconic franchises ever. This exhibit will run from January 31st to October 4th, 2015.