Play review: “We’re All Guilty”


Ailish Collins

Senior Kelly Paulson and juniors Taylor Nichols and Jake Glover share an emotional moment. Paulson’s character, Wilma Shaw, was paralyzed in the accident.

Ailish Collins, Cheeky Editor

Black Converse slam onto the gas pedal as the steering wheel is yanked to the side. A red convertible lurches into the left lane and speeds forward, overtaking another car. Screams echo through the street as the convertible sideswipes the other car. It flips. Two teenage girls are horribly injured and Gary Durant, played by senior Dane Pischke, is at fault.

The play “We’re All Guilty,” written by James Reach, depicts the resulting hearing. As the hearing unfurls, secrets of both a personal and family nature are discovered and attitudes are changed. The play aims to reveal the many different ways that parental pressure can negatively affect teenagers. However, Reach’s way of portraying this is through a ridiculous number of plot twists, sudden and unprovoked character development and a dull monologue that doubles as the only bit of social commentary in the entire production.

The talented cast and crew were able to pull off an entertaining play, despite the poorly-written script. The actors portrayed their characters marvelously and even gave their dialogue and actions an extra punch that would otherwise have been absent from the production. Every movement made on stage was obviously well thought out and added to the characters’ personalities.

If the crime was possession of talent, then the cast and crew of “We’re All Guilty” would definitely receive a sentence. The verdict on Reach, however, is still out.