Boys swim and dive prepares to make a splash


Photo by Christian Barlow

Shannon Hong, Web Editor-in-Chief

During the few weeks since the boys swim and dive season started, the team has already formed strong connections with one another.

“It’s still early on, but they seem like they’re bonding really well. They’re a tight-knit group and they’re all pushing each other, which is fun to see,” Coach Corey Martin said.

While there are returning swimmers from last year, there is also the new addition of freshmen, one of which is Andrew James. But even with this being his first year on the team, James said it did not take him long to realize how well everyone gets along.

“Everyone cares about each other and our team captains are really supportive. They’re definitely full of energy in the mornings and they make it fun to be there,” James said.

Junior team captain Quinn McCloskey said that having a leadership position has completely changed the role he plays on the team.

“It’s different being a captain because you have to stay positive all the time, which is pretty difficult at 5 a.m. But it’s still really exciting to learn who the people are and make new friends,” McCloskey said.

This experience of bonding with teammates likely stems from team traditions. Senior team captain Tate Anderson said that bleaching hair is a great example of how they form close connections.

“When people see [a guy] with bleached hair, they know he’s on the swim team. The whole team does it right before KingCos and our state competition and I think [that really] brings us together and unifies us as a team,” Anderson said.

Another way the boys bond is through food; James said that other rituals involve a lot of unhealthy eating.

“We go to McDonald’s on Mondays and usually after every practice, we have an hour and a half to wait until school starts so we hang out at Safeway. On Wednesdays, we all get a half gallon of orange juice and have to finish it before first period,” James said.

Amidst the traditions and bonding experiences, Martin said that one challenge the boys have been facing is the air circulation in the pool they swim in at Juanita High School (see photo below).

“This facility is just so old and they keep fans going through here to try to keep it decent, but it’s just stuffy. Yet these guys keep coming back and they keep pushing themselves,” Martin said.

Martin said that the air circulation has been worse in comparison to previous years. However, according to Anderson, one thing that has not changed is the goal of the swim and dive team.

“The most important part is just growing together,” Anderson said. “[We are] all becoming better swimmers, and better people.”