Football coach believes in no rest for the weary


Christian Barlow, Sports Editor

As the football season comes to a close, one might expect the football team to be ready to rest up until next year. However, head Coach Steve Hannan said he is already anxious to plan for the next season.

Hannan, who signed on to coach the team this last summer, said that what the team really needs is a complete shift in their work atmosphere.

“Some of the things I saw that needed improvement came up right away. The day I [first] showed up to Inglemoor, even before I had gotten interviewed […] I went into the weight room and found only 4 kids in there lifting weights after school. I asked our coach, Rick Calhoun, where the team was lifting, and he said that this was it.”

Hannan says he is seeking to get more of his players in the weight room in the off-season in hopes get the team up to the standards set by other teams in the league.

“I love this team, but there is an ethic deficit here with the Inglemoor team, compared to Bothell, and Woodinville and Mount. Si, and some of the best high school football programs in the state are in this league, and there were only four guys in the weight room prepping for the season that is only months away. Compare that to the other teams where their whole roster of 70 have all put in the same amount of effort as our four guys.”

Hannan said that he is certain that the team can outmaneuver their competitors if they can become physically even with teams like Woodinville or Bothell. The football season closes right at the end of November, and Hannan intends to get the players started with training again in December.

“You watch Woodinville or Skyline walk out onto the field and then you look at our team and the physical difference is very clear,” Hannan said, “and if we want to get to their level we need to have this seven month body transformation project for all our players.”

Hannan said he is well aware of the how the team has struggled historically.

“I don’t seek to cast any judgement on what was done in the past before I was here,” Hannan said, ”but we just know coming in that what we want to establish is a culture of success, both mentally and physically, and we are going to make that happen.”

After watching the the players in action, Hannan said he has nothing but respect and admiration for what they do.

“This could very well be a program where we continuously get beaten and decide to give up, and we do get beaten, but these boys are really just relentless in their effort and desire to do better, and they’re listening and their learning,” Hannan said. I am really happy to be there and be able to support these kids.”