Review: Diva Espresso


Kyle Bender

Diva Espresso’s building, “The Hangar,” was aptly named; a model seaplane hangs is suspended from the ceiling of the cavernous space.

Maya Holt, Web Editor-in-Chief

In a city dominated by Starbucks and drive-through coffee shops, Diva Espresso is a welcome addition to Kenmore’s newly-renovated downtown. Housed in a building called “The Hangar,” Diva is a centralized place for students to meet and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee — if they’re willing to spend a couple of extra dollars for the convenience and quality.

The building itself has high ceilings and an enormous floor plan. Although the ambience is a bit industrial as a result, the sheer size of the space provides for ample seating, giving Diva great potential for meeting up to work on group projects. Additionally, because the Hangar is a city-owned community space, students don’t need to buy anything from Diva to go there and study.

If students are interested in something to eat or drink, however, Diva does have a lot to offer. Besides the traditional case filled with baked goods, there is a smaller case atop the counter filled with half-price “day after” pastries. There’s also a freezer filled with ice cream bars, an extensive list of teas and a coffee menu full of classic and seasonal drinks.

A fun addition to the coffee-buying experience at Diva is the daily trivia question. If answered correctly, customers receive not only a boost in self-confidence but a few cents off of their order.

It may be wise to start memorizing some trivia, as students will need every penny they can save. Diva’s main drawback is definitely their prices; even a simple 12 oz. latte costs more than four dollars, whereas seasonal specials like the “Harvest Latte” nearly creep into the five dollar range.

Admittedly, both Diva’s coffee and tea are delicious — the Harvest Latte has a touch of orange peel shaved delicately on top, and the Chai has a perfect blend of sweet and spice. When compared to the relative blandness of Starbucks, Diva’s drinks are especially enjoyable; students just need to be prepared to pay for the upgrade.

Rating: 4.5/5