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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

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Editors Goodbye


Kyra Bilgic

It’s hard to describe what it has meant to be be an editor of Nordic News. There has been so many instances where I have tried to explain what I do as an editor and why I would even want to undertake such a responsibility. Even though there has been times where Nordic has been a source of stress for me, as I have struggled to manage Nordic amongst my other priorities, I am constantly humbled by the work of my peers and grateful to be the leader of such an impressive group of people.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience high school journalism, which has provided me with an innumerable amount of skills that I would not have gained otherwise. In many ways Nordic allowed me to grow in ways that I had never had the opportunity to in conventional classes. Here, I was given freedom to dictate my own schedule as well as a sense of accountability to myself and to the paper. It was the first time I ever really had a product that I could be proud to share.

I would like the opportunity to thank all of the people who helped me grow and supported me as a leader.

Jack: You have been amazingly supportive as a co-editor. When we were first chosen, a lot of people were skeptical about how we would work together but you’re an amazing journalist and an even better friend. I want to thank you for standing by me this year, you have been so easy to work with and I am always amazed by your ability to unite the staff, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Nordic would not have been the same without you.

Mrs. Vesely: Thank you for all of the work you put into Nordic and the time you sacrifice to support the staff. You are a wonderful adviser and have always demanded the best of me. I know I haven’t always been easy to work with, but you are an incredibly caring person and it has meant a lot that you have gone out of your way to make sure I am doing okay. I will never forget Nordic and all of the lessons that I have learnt.

Staff: I have appreciated getting to know all of you throughout the year, and the work that you do never fails to amaze me. Thank you for all you have sacrificed in order to ensure our paper is as good as it is.

Jack Donahue

It’s strange to think that this is the last issue of Nordic where my name will appear. I keep thinking back to the excitement I first felt when I joined the staff as a reporter, and even though it is coming to an end I am extremely thankful for the experience I have had and I am entirely confident that next year’s staff will continue to improve this already amazing paper. Thanks to everyone at Inglemoor who has helped to make my high school experience so amazingly memorable.

I’ve been thinking about having to write this all year, but the reality of doing so didn’t truly dawn on me until now. I really don’t know how to convey how much Nordic has meant to me over my two years on staff. Being on the staff has meant so much to me throughout my time in high school, and it’s helped me to become the person I am today.

I am so grateful to everyone who helped me get to the place I am today. It’s here where I learned how to be a journalist, how to lead a staff (to varying degrees of effectiveness) and where I discovered a love for journalism and writing that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

I didn’t sign up for Nordic expecting it to become my passion. I only applied due to peer pressure, and expected Nordic to simply be something to do during seventh period. But it quickly became my entire life, something I loved to do and couldn’t really stop doing. It began with writing my first article, a fake story on the Three Little Pigs that I wrote at a boot camp at Western Washington University, and I realized it was something I truly loved to do. I threw everything I was into Nordic and everything I was into creating the best paper that I could.

While this year did have its hardships and growing pains, I am leaving Nordic with that same enthusiasm that was there when I first started. Nordic, and journalism as a whole, are two of the most important and valuable things in my life.

Going forward, I have complete confidence in next year’s editors and staff. Watching them grow as reporters and journalists has been amazing to watch, and I am so glad that I was able to see it happen.

Megan and Surya, you two are some of the most passionate and driven people I’ve ever seen. Your talents as journalists are great and obvious, and I am sure that you will do even more to improve Nordic going into next year. Being editor is a difficult job, but I know for a fact that you two are up to the task.

Kyra, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve made this year so much easier for me, and working with you was one of my favorite parts of being editor-and-chief. Your obsessive organization and spreadsheet creation kept me sane throughout my time as editor, and I can always count on you to keep me grounded. Or call me homeless.

Mrs. Vesely, I owe you so much. Your enthusiasm and your support have meant so much during my time here. You made discovering a passion for journalism way easier. I am grateful to you for making journalism accessible, making it good, and making it fun.

To quote Inglemoor’s resident poet laureate Eli Reed; “From whence we came, so hence we go.” I still have that same enthusiasm for journalism that was there when I started, and I’ll never forget my time here at Nordic. Thank you all for such an amazing experience, and I’m looking forward to what lays ahead.

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About the Contributors
Kyra Bilgic, Editor-in-Chief
A returning member of the Nordic News Staff, Kyra Bilgic is the Co-Editor in Chief. In school, she is a full IB student that is involved with Amnesty and MUN. Outside of school, Kyra volunteers regularly at the Bellevue Arts Museum.
Jack Donahue, Editor-in-Chief
A returning member of Nordic News, senior Jack Donahue acts as the editor-in-chief of the staff. Outside of managing the newspaper, Donahue is involved in Inglemoor’s Model United Nations and serves as the social media coordinator of the Amnesty International club. He loves Twitter (@YVNGMICHAELCERA), bikes and hip-hop music.  

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