Sophomore Link Day: Meet Becca Vinson


Photo by Patrin Sinteppadon

Becca Vinson wearing the custom IHS headband given to her by her Link leaders. During the campus tour Link groups donned costumes and props to compete for the title of most creative Link group theme.

Patrin Sinteppadon, Webmaster

     Amid the sea of Inglemoor newcomers participating in Link Day activities and traveling from classroom to classroom, newly minted sophomore Becca Vinson roams the campus already comfortable with her high school surroundings.  Vinson has spent time on the campus before; two of her older siblings graduated from Inglemoor years ago.

     “I know a lot of the area [from] dropping off my older brother for football practice,” Vinson said, “so I got to run around everywhere as a kid.”

     Vinson was also a member of the volleyball team last year, so she is already oriented with the culture and atmosphere of Inglemoor.  

     Her experience with her Link group was a very enjoyable one, she said.  She belonged to group 25, led by juniors Ethan Huang and Darlene Tsai.

     “I think they did a great job. They were really good and really nice,” Vinson said.  “They were really patient.”

     Vinson also felt comfortable with the other sophomores in her group.

     “At first it was like, oh, I don’t really know these people, but then I got more comfortable and it was really talkative after a while… [Darlene] adopted all of us as her children.  Whenever we would get lost or something she would say, ‘come back here my children’, and she would call us ‘my children’ and ‘my precious children’ and stuff like that, so after a while it was like she was our mom.”

     After a relaxing summer and a busy and fun first day of school, Vinson will look forward to keeping the energy and enthusiasm from Link Day going until the end of the year.