Editor goodbyes


William He (he/him)

[left to right] Web Editor-in-Chief Hope Rasa and Co Editors-in-Chief Jackie Su and Arushi Sharma outside the library on June 5.

Hope Rasa

When I joined Nordic during remote learning, it was boring and difficult. The whole point of online school is not doing any real work, and Nordic got in the way of that. I almost quit; but I’m glad I didn’t.

On paper, my second year on Nordic sounds like no fun at all. For one thing, I was underqualified for my position. I was sports editor, despite not caring about sports in the slightest. I got the position because no one else wanted it. I can’t say I did a very good job. Luckily, no one on staff noticed how bad I was at my job because they were all as clueless and indifferent about sports as me.

Partly because they were so blind to my incompetence, I was able to make friends with my fellow Nords during my second year. The Nordic staff is a very silly flock of geese, and I enjoyed our mischief together. In hindsight, we were a scourge on our editors and advisor; it was loads of fun. Unfortunately, what goes around comes around, and my decision to run for Web Editor-in-Chief left me in charge of herding the flock this year.

I wasn’t exactly prepared for my responsibilities this year. Managing kids the same age as you, editing, running a web- site and writing your own articles all at once is crazy. Absolutely insane, but I’ve greatly enjoyed it.

I’m proud of what Nordic has made of itself this year, and I’m proud of my part in things. It’s been fun to boast and martyr myself over how I run Nordic’s website alone. I’ve spent so much time and effort on making sure I fulfill both the “Web” and the “Editor-in-Chief” parts of my role that I deserve to feel proud, maybe even to the point of narcissism. But it’s lonely up here on Mount Olympus, and I’m glad there won’t just be one pair of hands working on our website next year.

I know Claire, Cate and Klaira will knock it out of the park next year. Long live the Nord!

Arushi Sharma

As I reflect on my time here, a mix of emotions wash over me. A swell of joy and relief after having successfully escaped the clutches of Room 122. Joy because the journey has been nothing short of incredible, filled with growth, camaraderie, and cherished memories. Relief because I was sleep-deprived and caffeine-addicted this entire year.

When I first joined this publication via Zoom from Mumbai surrounded by moving boxes, little did I know that it would become my home away from home, complete with a never-ending supply of stress and silliness. From reporter to news editor (go news gang!) to co-editor-in-chief, Nordic News has not only been the place where I found what I wanted to pursue in the future but where I met some of my closest friends.

Beyond the late nights and deadline pressures, Nordic News fostered an environment of creativity and collaboration. The diverse team of talented individuals became my support system and source of inspiration.

Mrs. Little, our advisor, encouraged us to push boundaries and believe in our potential. Jackie, my fellow editor-in-chief, supported me through highs and lows, offering understanding and encouragement. Hope, our web editor-in-chief, brought technical expertise, creativity and a unique perspective to our leadership team. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of individuals to lead alongside throughout this journey.

We laughed together, brainstormed ideas and pushed each other to surpass our own limitations. The experience instilled in me a deep sense of purpose and the confidence to pursue my dreams.

I have complete faith that Cate, Klaira and Claire — three incredibly talented journalists whom I have had the pleasure to work with — will carry on such a powerful paper. I pass on to them this responsibility and more importantly my one shoe, which hangs in the back room as my long lasting legacy. Long Live the Nord!

*Yes, I meant those Oxford commas

Jackie Su

When I was thirteen, I was obsessed with iconic female reporters like Jenna Rink from “13 Going On 30” and Andie Anderson in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” I always imagined myself like them, running around a big city, heels clacking, coffee in hand, trying to hail a cab to type up an article at my tiny cubicle.

As my reign as co-editor-in-chief comes to an end, I can’t help but laugh at how I’ve gotten here. As a sophomore during online school, I switched from Intro to Marketing to Nordic a month after school started. I missed all of boot camp, a month-long course that taught all the newbies the basics of journalism. I started at ground zero — actually, negative one. Yet I quickly found a passion for reporting. I love finding stories to tell; I love investigating and snooping. But most of all I love being a leader in my community.

Nordic has given me the ability to highlight the amazing people at Inglemoor and their aspirations and accomplishments. I’ve learned that being a reporter comes with the responsibility of serving a community by keeping them informed while also challenging their ways of thinking, a responsibility that I am deeply grateful to have been entrusted with.

Serving as an editor this year and leading such a talented staff has been the greatest pleasure and experience. Arushi, Hope, Ms. Little and I have poured our hearts and souls into the inspiring and successful publication that is Nordic News. From watching Hope cry from laughing, gossiping with Little and coffee runs with Arushi — I will always treasure the memories I’ve made here. I will also never forget the hours we’ve spent backs hunched, eyes squinting, editing, editing and editing.

Now, as I relish these final moments of high school and prepare for college in New York City, I’m proud to say that I am one step away from living my dream. I will soon be that girl racing around the city that never sleeps, always chasing the next story; it’s all thanks to Nordic for leading me to this point. I have the fullest faith in Cate, Klaira and Claire to continue Nordic’s legacy. Long live the Nord!