Spring into love

Mya Vo, Reporter

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The arrival of spring means the constant rain is supposedly fading, the birds are screaming and flower pollen is assaulting everyone’s nostrils! With the abundance of available flowers, they make the perfect gift for any occasion. The following bouquets pair perfectly with each of the five love languages. If you need to make some quick apologies, repair a relationship, rekindle a lost love or just want a cheap gift, Cheeky is here for you!


Physical touch 

Person who you don’t like touching you

To avoid awkward hugs and people who like to get up in your personal space, buy the biggest bouquet of thorny roses you can find so it blocks their view, and they can’t see you as you make your quick escape!


Quality Time 

Person you only talk to in your second period class

For your lovely second period table partner, there’s something special set aside for you. These very unique $4 daisies are sure to brighten your day. The daisies are simple, just like your relationship with the recipient; you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Words of Affirmation 

Person you only text when it’s their birthday 

When you remember that it’s your childhood friend’s birthday at 8 p.m. and go to text them, why not send along some forget-me-not flowers so they’ll remember you? Just like you remember to text them… once… every year.


Acts of Service

People in the group that contributed nothing to YOUR project

After you spend your whole night finishing the group project, why not grab a few sticks and twigs to present to your group members as a thank you for all the hard work they did on YOUR project!



Person you give all the homework answers to

  • For the person who always asks for your homework but promises to “change it a little,” the perfect way to repay them for your friendship is with the leftover flowers from other bouquets, because it’s been “changed a little.”


Disclaimer: Cheeky does not promise that these flower arrangements will actually help your relationships, nor does Cheeky promise that they will not activate allergic reactions. If you want to seem like a nicer person, you probably shouldn’t look to us for recommendations! Additionally, Cheeky is definitely not sponsored by any corrupt floral companies that may benefit from your extravagant purchases.