ASB sells vintage Viking sportswear


Katie Berry

Senior Anastasia Sidorovich displays one of the jerseys on sale. These items can be bought in the ASB office during lunch and before and after school.

Katie Berry, Reporter

Ever wonder what happens when your sports team buys new uniforms? The old suits are collected, and then deposited under the 800 and 900 buildings, where all of them have gone in years past.

Naudia Bosch the Co-Activities Coordinator of ASB thought to put these old uniforms to new use while giving students access and recycling them, and also collecting funds for our school’s leadership team. Old uniforms were recently sold at the 50th anniversary celebration and now, for the first time, they are going to be sold in the ASB office to students for only $5-10, depending on the item itself. They are also going to be selling old yearbooks for $5. These products will be on sale for the entire year.