Volleyball floors KingCo championships


Jack Donahue

Senior captain Haley Harris makes an aggressive play during the match against Bothell. As a star player of the volleyball team, Harris has been imperative for pushing the team to State this season.

Isabelle Chappel, Reporter

The volleyball team has had its fair share of coaches in the past, but Milton Guerreiro, who was been the head coach for two years, is here to stay.

The team is lucky to have their coach, who was just awarded KingCo Coach of the Year. Guerreiro played on club teams in Hawaii and was trained by, Pete Velasco, who participated in the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

“I’ve taken the best of his philosophies and techniques and just blended it with what I’ve learned,” Guerreiro said.

Although the girls adapted well with Guerreiro, not everything went as expected.

“We’ve hit some rough patches,” senior captain and KingCo Honorable Mention Marissa Miner said.

While they started their season by winning consecutive matches, boosting their confidence, this also hindered the team’s overall performance. This lead to a few losses but the team is in good hands thanks to King Co First Team ALL League player, senior captain Haley Harris, King Co Defensive Player of the Year, senior captain Kate Carpenter, and also Guerreiro’s coaching.

A typical training day includes dynamic stretches, serving, repetitive drills and sweet sixteens, which are the team’s version of suicides. But apart from the physical importance, Guerreiro emphasizes the mentality used in volleyball.

“It’s more than just a game,” Guerreiro said. “There is the mental aspect of playing smart, playing with your brains, not just with your body.”

Along with training, the girls grow through team dinners, pre-game peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and having senior captain Kate Carpenter and junior Amanda Luckett, pray before each game. They even have a cement, three-legged deer, Lafawnda, for which they practice a special tradition.

“We smack her butt before each game,” senior captain Miner said.

As a result of a tight team bond, an outstanding coach and a 12-5 record, the team won King Co Championships on November 3. Yesterday they attended the State Championships in the Tri-Cities on Nov. 12.*

“The future looks good,” Guerreiro said. “We’re moving in the right direction.”


*All stats and standings are updated as of Monday, Nov. 9