Holiday giving campaign benefits local families

Matthew Brockway, Reporter

ASB will be facilitating a holiday giving campaign for families in need, beginning Monday, Nov. 16 and continuing until Nov. 25. Homerooms will pass around envelopes in which money, check or cash, can be deposited.

“There’s usually some sort of competition between each homeroom class,” ASB president and senior Tara Mihailovic said. “Whichever class can raise the most money gets a pizza party … ASB usually gives them some sort of prize like that.”

Last year, the campaign was able to raise $7420.

“We didn’t think it would be as successful as it was,” Mihailovic said. “There was less time for GMI [last year] so we couldn’t get the word out as much.”

The money primarily goes toward Northshore School District families in need. Gift cards are sent out which can be used to buy food, clothes and other necessities.

“Kids are able to get new coats and socks with that money,” ASB Co-Activities Coordinator Elisabeth Kowalski said. “We are also able to fulfill some winter wishes with the same money.”

ASB hopes that the rewards for collecting the most money and further encouragement from teachers will lead to widespread participation.

“Last year, a couple teachers said that they would match whatever the kids brought in,” Mihailovic said. “You wanted your teacher to pay more money.”

The holiday giving system will continue to be refined over the following weeks as adjustments and additions are made to the donation format and the reward system.

“Since we allow the nurses of feeder schools to determine the list of recipient families, it would be nice if people could submit families who they know could benefit from this,” ASB Co-Activities Coordinator Naudia Bosch said. “We are open to suggestions.”

ASB seeks to top last year’s funds raised to further support Northshore families and provide more engaging ways to participate.

“If everyone at school brought a dollar, that’s already $1500 dollars,” Mihailovic said. “It’s really cool to know that you’re helping your own community. You could be making someone’s life a little bit easier.”