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  • Congratulations to Abhinav Akkiraju and Daniel Zhang for placing first at the Deca International Conference in Anaheim!
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  • Congratulations to DECA co-president Emily Mo for recieving the Western Region DECA Scholarship!
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Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News


Quantity over quality is  Hollywoods motto when it comes to celebrity biopics.

Celebrity biopics are starting to feel gross

Hope Rasa (she/her), Web-Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2023

From Elvis to Oppenheimer, Hollywood has spent the past few years churning out biopic after biopic. However, some recent, less tasteful biopics have people wondering if they should even be a thing.  “Pam...

Certain sensitive subjects brought up in English classes make certain students uncomfortable.

Emotional boundaries and English classes

In the Northshore School District, students are required to earn four years of English credits. Compared to other classes, English yields many more discussions about personal and challenging subjects through...

Caffeine-drinking habits amongst teenagers varies, but when it gets out of hand, it can greatly affect their wellbeing.

Teens and their caffeine

Many teens choose to drink caffeine despite its ill effects on their health. A study by Mayo Clinic showed that 83% of teens ages 13-18 consume caffeine regularly, and 96% drink it semi-regularly, even...

Students in Gage Hopkins’ (he/him) seventh period cartooning class work on character design.

Not enough art classes to go around

Washington state requires high school students to fulfill two art credits. With over 1500 students in Inglemoor all trying to earn these credits in time for graduation, five visual arts teachers — two...

As the Colorado River experiences extreme drought, locals and experts try to figure out what to do.

The Colorado River drought debacle

Cate Bouvet (she/her), Co-Editor-in-Chief Mar 14, 2023

In the past twenty years, the southwestern region of the U.S. has been experiencing extreme drought. As a result, the Colorado River's flow is severely depleting, causing over 40 million citizens to experience...

Drum major Nye Mabale (he/him) provides an extensive and fun training experience to sophomore candidates.

Drumroll please: Band chooses new drum majors

During football games, pep rallies and assemblies, two people furiously waving their hands are visible at the head of the band — the drum majors. The drum majors play an essential role in keeping the...

Supreme Court ruling: Abusers can keep their Guns

Supreme Court ruling: Abusers can keep their Guns

Daniel Su (he/him), News Editor, Senior PR Manager Mar 10, 2023

On Feb. 2, the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck the U.S. with an intensely controversial decision in United States v. Rahimi. The three-judge panel of the federal court ruled the prohibition...

While the Oscars tries its best to meet modern expectations, the Academy is changing too little too late.

The Oscars: A rigged game

William He (he/him), Junior Web Editor, Photo Editor Mar 5, 2023

Set to take place on March 12; the Oscars is an annual award show supposedly recognizing the best of the best in film. However, since the Oscars began in 1927, the Academy has faced numerous accusations...

Combat sports are more than just fighting; they teach self-discipline and respect, as well as build good exercise habits.

Kicking it in combat sports

Wrestling is the school’s only offered combat sport, which only scratches the surface of the plethora. Boxing, tai chi and fencing, are just a few of the diverse athletics that fit under the umbrella...

Let your hair down and unwind. Familiarize yourself with self-care by looking at just a few routines shared by students.

Self-care, if you dare

The average high school student is often burdened with a plethora of stresses that can take a heavy toll on their mental and physical health. Self-care routines, which exist in a variety of forms, are...

Senior Ellie Weibel (she/her) working at her current job at Bok a Bok. Weibel began working at Bok a Bok after quitting her previous job, where she said her manager was abusive.

Working teens: When child labor laws go unenforced

Despite the large number of high schoolers with jobs, child labor laws seem largely unknown and unfollowed. Workplaces that hire minors are required to have parents/guardians and a school representative...

Super Bowl LVII predictions: A battle for supremacy in a game steeped in history

Super Bowl LVII predictions: A battle for supremacy in a game steeped in history

Arushi Sharma (she/her), Co-Editor-in-Chief Feb 12, 2023

With millions of fans tuning in on Feb. 12, Super Bowl LVII represents the best of football. Both teams — the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs — went 14-3 before winning conference titles,...

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