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Point/Counterpoint: Cancel Culture

Cancel culture perpetuates both hostility and accountability within the digital world. Art by Sofia Leotta.

Sofia Leotta and Minita Layal

October 8, 2020

Does cancel culture have a positive impact on our society? Yes, cancel culture fills in the gaps left by unequal societal systems Sofia Leotta Social media enables action. Amid a rapidly digitalized world categorized by widespread discourse, it’s no surprise that online communities have fo...

Point/Counterpoint: college phone tracking

Point/Counterpoint: college phone tracking graphic for web. Art by Priya Annapureddy and

Priya Annapureddy and Minita Layal

February 7, 2020

Pro: Throughout the nation, dozens of colleges are starting to track their student’s phones, using an app called SpotterEDU. The primary goal is to increase student attendance, thereby encouraging students to engage. The school’s faculty has access to the students’ whereabouts,  attendance rate...

Point-counterpoint: Items for service hours

PointCounterpoint on items for hours; thumbnail graphic. Art by Naomi Nam

Sofia Leotta and Naomi Nam

December 20, 2019

Yes, donations reflect meaningful service Naomi Nam National Honor Society (NHS) encourages students to support their community through volunteering. Donating items is one of the ways to earn hours during the holiday season. The Inglemoor honor society chapter allows their members to donate items to...

Point counterpoint: Is it appropriate to use Chick-fil-A as a partner?

Point counterpoint: Is it appropriate to use Chick-fil-A as a partner?

Gloria Shen and Selin Asan

November 22, 2019

On Oct. 25, students gathered at the Chick-fil-A in Canyon Park to celebrate the football game’s “fifth” quarter. From 9 to 11 p.m., 20 percent of all sales connected to Inglemoor students were given to the class of 2021 as part of a fundraiser to lower costs of next year’s senior class ac...

Point/Counterpoint: Climate strikes

Will these climate strikes actually amount to any change?

Aditi Jain and Audri Saulters

April 4, 2019

We need to put consistent pressure on the government for policy changes by Aditi Jain The recent debate for climate change is about finding the most efficient approach to solve the problem. To protest government action, some students plan to skip school every Friday to partake in a climate strike, whos...

Point/Counterpoint: PDA in a school setting

Based on a survey of 360 students, 44 percent of students believe PDA is acceptable on campus while 56 percent believe it is not.

Emmy Goetze and Kayla Kapralova

March 7, 2019

PDA is appropriate by Kayla Kapralova Public displays of affection (PDA) are far from rare on most high school campuses. However, the appropriateness of PDA, especially in a school setting, is largely debated. PDA shouldn’t be such a taboo topic to take part in. Not only should PDA be more accep...

Point/Counterpoint: Unweighted vs. Weighted GPA

Point/Counterpoint: Unweighted vs. Weighted GPA

Nicole Turtle and Evelyn Yang

September 27, 2018

A grade point average (GPA) summarizes a student’s academic performance by assigning each class grade to a numerical value (A = 4.0, B = 3.0, etc.) and taking the average of the point total. Some schools, including Inglemoor, use an unweighted grading scale, meaning that the points for a specific gra...

Point/Counterpoint: Honor Society

Point/Counterpoint: Honor Society

Kaylea Agate and Shannon Hong

March 28, 2018

Honor Society misses the point by Kaylea Agate Character. Scholarship. Leadership. Service: these four values are the pillars that Honor Society supposedly rests on and to which its members aspire, yet in practice, the organization may not do as much to further these ideals as it could or should. ...

Point/Counterpoint: Political discussion in class

Point/Counterpoint: Political discussion in class

Megan Munson and Nicole Turtle

March 3, 2018

Teachers should encourage students to get involved Living in a politically-charged society, it is only natural for current events to come up during casual conversation. Of course, these discussions frequently appear in classrooms — which is entirely necessary in order for students to develop a gre...

Point/Counterpoint: Gun laws

Point/Counterpoint: Gun laws

Ben Dossett and Evelyn Yang

January 21, 2018

Gun laws are ineffective After a mass shooting occurs in the United States, many Americans are quick to demand that the government increases restrictions on firearms. This advice would be entirely counterproductive and do little to actually reduce these crimes, while infringing on the rights of the pe...

Point/Counterpoint: The unconscious bias

Point/Counterpoint: The unconscious bias

Ray Fung and Eli Reed

March 17, 2017

Seek to understand bias People cannot help but categorize. It is in our nature as humans to group things, even other people, together to make it easy on our subconscious when we are confronted with a situation. As such, implicit bias is a core pillar of the human psyche and should not be met with ...

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