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The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News

The student news site of Inglemoor High School

Nordic News


Are AI art and essay generators a helpful tool or a hinderance for artists and authors?

Point/counterpoint: Are AI art and essays a threat?

Point: Yay I! You may have witnessed a peer on their computer creating artwork or writing faster than Seattle weather changes. Artificial intelligence art and text-generating websites are on the rise,...

The controversial subject of gender neutral restrooms has become widely debated as the school moves forward with plans to remodel.

Point/counterpoint: Gender neutral bathrooms

Point: Having more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus would benefit everyone and they should be added as soon as possible. Gender-neutral bathrooms are a necessity. It’s essential that more are added...

1...2...3...Fight! Classic Oreos and golden Oreos face off in a battle for superiority.

Point/counterpoint: Classic versus golden Oreos

Point: Classic Oreos are better than golden The creation of the classic Oreo was the greatest epiphany of man. Society would be in shambles without the lush taste of this cookie. The flavor of the...

Should cell phones stay or go away?

Point/counterpoint: New phone policy

Point: phones stay! Posters of a cell phone yelling ‘Put me away!’ are plastered around the school to aggressively remind students of the new phone policy. The policy states that phones must remain...

Should students feel compelled to sit or stand during the pledge of allegiance?

Point/counterpoint: The Pledge of Allegiance, to sit or to stand?

Point: Stand up When the Pledge of Allegiance is recited during morning announcements, the voice from the speaker is largely ignored. In many classrooms around the school, students remain seated while...

Is Greek life really as good as they say?

Point/counterpoint: Is Greek life worth it?

William He and Klaira Zhang Aug 24, 2022

Point: Go Greek! Greek life is known for empowering its members by enhancing their college experience with friendship, service and support. According to the National Panhellenic Conference for sororities...

The benefits and repercussions of the IB diploma program has been in debate over the last few years. But how does this prestigious program, truly affect students?

Is it really you and me against IB?

Jana Dimikj and Miriam Miller-Friday May 4, 2022

Point: The International Baccalaureate program is known for being a rigorous and academically challenging program that pushes students to dive deeper into their education. However, one of the stand-out...

In order to promote inclusivity, schools should celebrate all kinds of groups both socially, academically, and culturally. But are schools effectively promoting equity, or has it become a check list of items for them to check off as equity?

Point/Counterpoint: Checkuity vs Equity

Mireya Avalos and Tammi Tran Mar 20, 2022

Point: The school doesn’t do enough for equity. During the months of November and December, the hallways are filled with candy cane murals and classroom doors decorated with pine trees, bedazzled...

The Nordic staff debates the difficult question of which fruit snack is the best: Scooby fruit snacks or Motts?

Which fruit snack is better?

Tammi Tran and William He Feb 7, 2022

Scooby-Doo fruit snacks are better.  It’s time to step back and realize that the Scooby-Doo fruit snacks are at the top of the fruit snacks hierarchy. A childhood staple for many, the Scooby-Doo fruit...

In a survey of 41 Inglemoor students, 34 said they supported affirmative action in college admissions while 7 did not. Art by Margaret He.

Point/Counterpoint: Should affirmative action be used in college admissions?

Margaret He and Arushi Sharma May 19, 2021

Point/Counterpoint: Should affirmative action be used in college admissions? Yes, affirmative action promotes equality in a flawed system Arushi Sharma For much of America’s history, elite universities...

On March 15th, it was announced that IB exams will be cancelled for the May 2021 testing season and AP exams will be taken online. Art by Kath Shelden.

Point/Counterpoint: Should Inglemoor have made in-person IB and AP testing mandatory this year?

Minita Layal and Kath Shelden Mar 16, 2021

Point/Counterpoint: Should Inglemoor have made in-person IB and AP testing mandatory this year?   Yes, in-person IB and AP tests should have been mandatory this year  Kath Shelden Due to...

Stan culture can be seen as both a place of obsessive toxic behavior and a digital space that builds community. Art by Link Gazey

Point/Counterpoint: Is stan culture toxic?

Link Gazey and Sofia Leotta Feb 13, 2021

 Is stan culture toxic? Yes, stan culture disrupts fanbases Link Gazey With the rise of social media as an increasingly-essential communication tool, a phenomenon known as stan culture is now...

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