Viking graduate explores military career


Lilli Wildermuth at her swearing-in ceremony for the air force. Wildermuth plans to serve in the air force for four years before pursuing a nursing degree. Photo Courtesy of Lilli Wildermuth.

Margaret He, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Serving one’s country through involvement in the military is one way graduates can make a difference and impact their community. Senior Lilli Wildermuth will be doing just that by joining the Air Force. 

Wildermuth is planning to serve for four years before continuing on to a nursing degree at ASU. She said that her intentions behind joining the military were driven by both personal and occupational motives. 

“I decided to join the military because I wanted career experience and [an] educational opportunity in a different way, where I could also grow as a person,” Wildermuth said. 

With an average of only 180,000 youth enlisting in the military each year, her decision stands out from the crowd. Wildermuth said the transition has been quite stressful to navigate for her family as a whole. 

Despite these challenges, she said that enlisting in the military may be a good fit for many students and advises that future graduates explore all of the options they have available. 

“I think there are plenty of reasons to join the military,” Wildermuth said. “If you’re someone who likes a mental and physical challenge and wants a more hands-on job experience, I would definitely recommend looking into a military career.”