Teen Link: anonymous peer line

Teen Link is an anonymous phone line specifically geared toward youth in Washington.

Teen Link: anonymous peer line

Sofia Leotta, Copy Editor

Despite the significance of mental health for teenagers, many youth are unaware of how they can actively seek support from local services. According to Mental Health in America, 59.1 percent of Washington youth suffering from at least one major depressive episode do not receive treatment. However, youth mental healthcare across King County continues to expand through resources that cater to a wide range of needs.


One comprehensive non-profit agency offering telephone-based services is Crisis Connections. Their resources include Teen Link, which is an anonymous phone line specifically geared toward youth in Washington. 


With three separate modes—call, chat and text—Teen Link serves as an accessible option for teens regardless of their preference in communication. 


“Teen Link has been such a useful tool for me,” junior David Ray* said. “I thought for a while it was lame, but when the grades started dropping and life was getting rough, it was really nice to be able to talk anonymously.” 


As a confidential line answered by teenagers, Teen Link provides peer support to youth from a familiar perspective —an aspect of mental health support often absent from services managed by adults. 


While it is specifically helpful for teenagers in King County, Teen Link is only open in the evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. After this, students can use Crisis Connection’s 24-Hour Crisis Line.


*Name changed in article to protect student’s anonymity