Jazz Band musicians play before sunrise

As the only zero period class offered to students this year, Jazz Band students have to arrive at school by 6:40 a.m. every morning for class.


Ella B

Conductor Charlie Fix leads Jazz 1 through new music on a sleepy Monday morning.

Ella Barnard, Photo Editor

As the only zero period class offered to students this year, Jazz Band students have to arrive at school by 6:40 a.m. every morning for class. The work students put into the class was displayed at the Northlake Regional Jazz Festival on Oct. 25 at Eastlake High School.

“Both groups performed wonderfully,” Jazz 1 conductor Charlie Fix said.

The students are split into two bands, Jazz 1 conducted by Fix and Jazz 2, led by conductor Bruce Wilson.

A requirement for being in Jazz Band is that the students are also part of another music group, either a band or orchestra. They practice more music and have more performances than any other music group. Many of the freshmen are in Concert Band, and they chose to join Jazz Band also.

“[Jazz Band is] way more fun than normal band,” freshman Jazz 1 trumpet player Jackson Scharf said.

The Jazz Band lets the students play an instrument they don’t play in other bands and they also get to play in styles that normal band doesn’t play. This change of pace is what draws many students to Jazz Band.

Both groups also go to many events throughout the year, and a lo t of the planning is done by the conductors. Events happen all over Washington, and some are out of state.

“I haven’t even scheduled all of them yet,” Fix said.

Freshman Emily Fix, a Jazz 2 trombone player, said she is looking forward to the joint band, orchestra and choir winter concert in December. This concert will feature all the music groups, and it’s one of the few times Jazz Band gets to play with the other groups.

Senior and returning Jazz student Nathan Loutsis plays the trumpet in Jazz 1. This year he became trumpet section leader and he says he wants to continue jazz when he goes to college. Jazz music came into his life during junior high and has stuck with him since.

Aside from normal concerts the Jazz Band does, there are many Jazz festivals and many public performances they participate in. Some of their public shows are at Kenmore City Hall, nearby community centers and retirement centers. These events let the students perform more than just the normal band and orchestra concerts, particularly in a more relaxed environment.

The next performance they are putting on is the winter concert in the gym on Dec. 19. This will kick off the holiday season for parents and Dec. 20 is the school holiday assembly to bring holiday music to the student body.

Ella Barnard
The Jazz 2 trumpets play in the choir room following conductor Bruce Wilson.