Sustainable products and brands

As a confident consumer, you can help save the planet by changing the way you shop. Nordic has compiled a list of the latest and greatest items that could potentially change your life. Switch out a few of the old for the new and see what a difference you can make. Sustainability starts with you.


Rahima Baluch, Web-Editor-in-Chief

  1. Lush Toothy Tabs 

In a totally unconventional practice, you are meant to crunch one of these tabs between your teeth, then brush as you normally would. These flavored tablets come in a recyclable container creating essentially zero waste. They come in a variety of flavors, from a classic mint to a citrusy lime. By using Lush’s Toothy Tabs, you’ll brighten your smile and benefit the environment. (If switching up your dental routine isn’t something you’re looking to do, Lush has countless other packageless products that encourage great hygiene and sustainability!) 

      2. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook 

Need to jot something down real quick? Or perhaps show your work on a math problem? This notebook could replace those little scrap pieces of paper that get thrown away just moments after use, saving the trees and your money. Using any Pilot Frixion pen, your writing will stick to the pages of the Everlast notebook and with water, you can erase whatever you don’t need. Scanning the pages using the Rocketbook app allows for easy sharing and saving of your most important notes. The Everlast notebook is one you can’t live without — it’ll last you a lifetime, therefore saving a lifetime of paper. 

       3. Itzy Ritzy Snack Bag  

As students with packed schedules, carrying snacks is one of our top priorities – and those plastic bags tend to add up. Itzy Ritzy has come up with an eco-friendly way to store your snacks — or just about anything else, from pens to cosmetics. With a zipper closure for ease, the colorful, patterned bags are machine washable, making clean-up a breeze and preventing you from creating a mini landfill of plastic bags. 

      4. Everlane Backpack 

ave the environment in style when carrying anything from your school books to your clothing. Go for Everlane’s ReNew collection of bags and backpacks made of 100% recycled materials. The waterproof finish will ensure that your items stay safe and because it’s free of Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFC) — a consistent pollutant — it’s safer for the environment. Everlane has committed to stop using new plastic entirely by 2021, extending to their entire line of fashionable bags, coats and clothing. 



Love Beauty and Planet is a sustainably sourced beauty brand that has countless fabulous smelling products with packaging made from post-consumer recycled products. 

Alter Eco is a snack brand that prides itself on its compostable packaging and its focus on sustainable agricultural practices.

Replacing plastic bottles with a Hydroflask is one of the latest trends. Hydroflask’s program Parks For All supports the development, maintenance and access to public green space. 

With a focus on simplistic design and durability, Patagonia is doing their best to address the causes of global warming while limiting ecological impacts by creating  long-lasting and recyclable goods.