Promposals have become too extravagant

Prom has earned its spot as one of the most monumental events during a student’s high school career. However, the reason behind its significance has shifted from an evening of celebration with friends to the recent trends of “promposals.” Many people only acknowledge the glamoured surface of these prom asks, failing to realize that the enormous amount of effort, time and money for them is unnecessary.

In the past year, families spend at least $919 for prom, according to a Visa survey $324 of which goes toward promposal preparations. This final dance may be an important night, but does it deserve nearly $1,000 worth of spending? This begs the question of whether these extravagant and costly proposals are done out of genuine thought or are only done to display a show for the public. Although it can be a lovely gesture and a way for someone to publicly display their affection for their significant other, these expressions are often accompanied by a facade of artificiality, which defeats the purpose of such acts in the first place.

Furthermore, the attention one person may seek could be the attention the other would like to avoid. One of the main reasons promposals have become extremely widespread is the exponential increase in the amount of attention these moments receive. From the moment the person asks their soon-to-be date to prom to the moment they say ‘yes,’ their actions are recorded and documented by everyone who happens to witness the occasion. Immediately following this heartfelt event are the endless posts on social media regarding their excitement of having an evening with their date.

In this situation, saying ‘no,’ even politely, is an instant public humiliation for the person who set up the event, intricately planned how to ask their date out and built up courage to go through with the task. The recipient of such a proposal is also treated to an enormous amount of pressure and stress, unexpectedly walking into a large crowd gathered around someone with gifts in hand, holding a large sign saying, “Prom?” Both the recipient and planner can end up in a nerve-wracking situation, especially when the event is publicized.

Often times in the rush of excitement for the event, consideration of the other person’s feelings on whether or not they would appreciate an elaborate prom ask is overlooked. In the midst of society conforming towards larger public displays, one senior speaks out about his plan for prom, demonstrating that not all prom asks require extravagance.

For example, he will be proposing a simple gesture of giving his date balloons and purchasing orchids as those are her favorite flowers. he gesture he describes is simple, but thoughtful; note that he explicitly states his knowledge of her favorite flower. This small detail of remembering the small things about someone generally becomes of greater value than the money spent on objects.

It seems that as society continues moving forward, there is a growing mentality that public fame and recognition is a necessity for social events such as prom. Even the appearance of a fancy gown and suit with a limo in the driveway is the new normal. The saying that “actions speak louder than words” does not essentially mean bigger gestures are better, but rather the authenticity and meaning behind the actions.