Improv team takes second in Hogan Cup


Alex Haworth, Managing/Copy/Feature Editor

Inglemoor impulse improv came within one point of victory at the Hogan Cup final on Nov. 21 after an impressive season. The improv competition included schools from across the state, and came down to Inglemoor and Holy Names Academy, ending with nerve-wrenching 37-38 score.

Despite this close loss, the team won their first Hogan Cup match of the year against Everett High School 54-52 on Nov. 14. Although this was a big win for the team, victory isn’t the main goal, according to junior Lillybeth Held.

“I just want to feel proud of the scenes that I’m in, and the scenes that my teammates are in,” Held said in reference to the Nov. 14 match, “and I felt proud of every scene.”

While the pressure to do well may seem overwhelming, junior Jacob Krieger explained that while performing, it’s much simpler than it seems.

“I think about having fun, and making sure the person I’m doing my scene with is having fun,” Krieger said. “Once you say something, you can’t take it back — you just make it better, and transform it into something better than you made it.”

The most difficult aspect of improv is the details. Each game has rules, and the hardest part, the team said, is meeting all of them.

“Despite the raw talent, it takes refinement,” senior captain Garrett Stanley said. “You wouldn’t think that, but there’s a lot of technicalities behind it.”

Every game is graded on technicality and entertainment, the struggle is to balance the two, according to junior Olivia Anderson.

Anderson said that it’s all about making sure to get all the points that they have control over. “Once you have the structure, the funny is just sprinkles on top.”

Because all games are done as a team, focus on other team members is important, Held said. It brings team members closer together.

“I met several of these people because the first thing I did with them was a scene with them, which I love,” Held said. “The team coming together as a whole and knowing that we’re going to be there for each other in a scene on stage and off stage is really really important.”

The sense of community within the team shows through, and adds to the quality of the team, Stanley explained.

“We have really good chemistry,” Stanley said. “These guys are my best friends — by the end of the year we’re like a family.”

This closeness is part of what makes this team a serious contender in the final Hogan Cup match, according to Stanley.

“In order to win, you have to build your team,” Stanley said. “You get to see them become these great actors that I know they are.”

The improvements on a team already known for its improv skills only added to the team’s ability to perform well.

“Of our biggest goals this season, number one is always just to have a good time,” Krieger said.

Despite the outcome, the resounding message from the team is that of camaraderie.

The best part of improv is “being able to say that I’m part of a team that not only just won, but did really well,” Anderson said. “I’m really proud of us.”

Inglemoor Impulse will continue competing in matches throughout the year. “We have matches once a month after hogan cup ends.” For starters, Stanley said,  “We have an exhibition match on Dec. 9.”

The team’s ultimate hope for the season was summed up in a simple request from Stanley: “Come see improv!”