Nordic Affirmations

Claire Meng and

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Affirmations are positive statements guaranteed to lift your spirits and leave you smiling whenever you’re feeling down. We here at Cheeky have carefully engineered an assortment of affirmations just for you. So go ahead, repeat these to yourself one by one and feel your troubles melt away!


  • Freshman always wear their masks properly. 


  • I am filled with energy on monotonous school mornings!


  • My heart rate does not peak every time I open StudentVue after a math test.


  • Socratic seminars are filled with lively and productive discussions. Those crickets you’re hearing are just the lab specimen. 


  • School chromebooks are sleek and efficient.


  • I have the patience to wait 6 minutes for Wikipedia to load on school WiFi.


  • Schoology is a beautifully designed learning platform. 


Disclaimer: Cheeky is not feeling very affirmed ourselves right now.  Please send help.