Nordic’s list of Secret Santa gifts for 2021


Arushi Sharma

With the holidays around the corner, it can be difficult deciding what to get your family and friends. This year, Nordic presents you with many gift ideas that will blow everyone away!

Arushi Sharma , News Editor

As winter break approaches, students are starting to make plans for the holidays. Gift-giving activities such as White Elephant and Secret Santa are some of the most popular. These traditions call for creative and thoughtful presents, but after a pandemic with limited time spent together, who knows what your friends do for fun anymore! If you are a really bad friend or just a very bad gift giver, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some Nordic Secret Santa gift ideas to bring holiday cheer to your friends and family.

For the Taylor Swift Stan: After the re-recording of “Red,” your Swiftie friends were either left in tears of sadness or joy. So this holiday season, you know “All Too Well” what to get them. A red scarf or a simple cardigan will do the trick. Or, if your budget allows, get them a gift that will “Never Go Out Of Style.” Buy them Taylor Swift’s original “Red” Ring. Never in their “Wildest Dreams” will they expect something like this. 

For the Foodie: For that one friend who loves all different types of food, you could give them a gift card to their favorite restaurants or indulge in their hobby by buying them the “Throw Throw Burrito ” board game by Exploding Kittens. As the name suggests, this fast paced-party game builds up players’ appetites by having them hurl a toy burrito at each other. This mix of a card game and dodgeball is a great gift to give.    

Another unique gift you can give your foodie friends are “Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages.” These trendy and fashionable Band Aids are not only helpful and foolproof when it comes to preventing further damage to your paper cuts, but they show personality, too! 

The IB Student: Like any IB student can tell you: once you join the IB program, it becomes a part of your personality. All they do is complain about IB, study for IB and do extracurriculars for Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS). The holidays are the only time IB students can relax (a little bit) and forget about school. So why not give them a gift that reminds them that IB is always around? Give those stressed students official IB merch! From t-shirts to shower curtains, IB provides them all. Or you could give them this bumper sticker: “BEWARE: tired IB kid driving,” cautioning other drivers around them to give them a pitying smile – or swerve!

The AP Student: Like the IB student, AP students also tend to be buried under a pile of work. So just like the IB kids, you can give these groups of GPA-obsessed teenagers AP merchandise. Or, even better, you could be the down-to-earth, supportive friend by giving them this t-shirt that says “pain is temporary, GPA is forever.” This is sure to get them through their next AP Physics test! 

You could also get them some great stickers that say “Peave, Love, & Oxford Commas” that will definitely make their AP English teachers proud; or “APUSH me off a cliff,” reminding them of their eternal struggle in AP US History. 

The Zodiac Geek: For the friend who always asks for zodiac signs before names and judges the person based on whether they’re a Gemini or not, buy “What’s Your Sign? The Horoscope Game for Astrology Lovers.” If they love a good card game and have other astrology-obsessed friends, this horoscope game is sure to be a hit! 

Or, if they are into crystals right now, give them a rock. Any rock will do! Just pick up a rock from the ground, put it in a gift bag (make it look really fancy) and give it to your zodiac-obsessed friends. They will either love it or hate it, depending on their zodiac sign.