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Jan 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered if a class you’re about to take will be good, bad, or downright atrocious? Has your life been transformed by a class? TeacherReviews is the perfect place to review your most memorable classes or read reviews that will give you a heads-up about any dubious teachers you may encounter! Come take a sneaky little peek at some teacher reviews left by Inglemoor students (not verified)!


Jaimie Murray (she/they)

Douglas Lit @happy_tostitoqueso_fan
Class: AP Literature, English 11

Difficulty: 6/10

Comment: “I spend class avoiding Lit’s eye contact so he doesn’t make me read Macbeth in a Scottish accent, but I find myself unable to look away when he starts drawing bloody stick figures to explain the narratives. After class I often find myself contemplating life, death, and the in between…

Homework Load: 4/10

“No homework until you have to finish the whole book in one night; just don’t look in his eyes…”

Jaimie Murray (she/they)

Gloria Singers @b3njam1nSings76
Class: Spanish 200

Difficulty: 7/10

Comment: “Great teacher and amazing class, but I never figured out if it was a Spanish class or choir. Singing was very common in classes and quite often, that was all we would do for an entire period. After class my throat always stung with agony. Anyway, my singing improved a lot and I only have Señora Singers to thank <3. Tengo una voz bonita!!”

Homework Load: 4/10

“Her homework was painful, but eventually I got used to listening to Despacito looped for 2 hours every night before bedtime.”

Jaimie Murray (she/they)

Paige Turner @Cereal_Slayer
Class: Calc 3

Difficulty: 9/10

Comment: “Ever since taking this class, I have developed a passionate love for festive cereal. It has consistently occupied my mind during school and has even spread to my personal life. My parents don’t support my affection towards cereal and say its ‘weird’ for my only friends to be cereal boxes, but I won’t let that stop me. 10/10 class would recommend.”

Homework load: 3/10

“Very nice and understanding teacher. Her daily homework is easy and can usually be completed in less than 6 hours.”

Jaimie Murray (she/they)

Bo Beans @vendee_globe_luvr
Class: French 400

Difficulty: 9/10

Comment: “I loved catching Bean’s shiny hair glinting in front of the class. I wonder if it’s clouds or cotton candy. If you’re looking to buy some time before a hefty assignment, ask Beans about boating… He’ll go on long enough for you to sneak in a quick nap.”

Homework Load: 7/10

“Every day we had to track the movements of a boat at sea and report them to Mr. Beans.”

Jaimie Murray (she/they)

Marvin Cheeks @I_h8_bears44
Class: Physical Education

Difficulty 10/10

Comment: “This class ruined my life. Every day I was forced to complete strange and gruesome workouts.
One day Mr. Cheeks made me play ‘bear simulator’ where I had to crawl on all fours around the entire
school, collect berries and roar at random students. After that day I was known by the school as the ‘weird
bear boy’ and my friends left me. If you value your sanity and reputation, please do not take this class.

Homework Load: 10/10

“Homework was similar and I was required to play ‘chihuahua simulator’ in local cities. This was even more embarrassing and violent than P.E. class and my family became so ashamed that they disowned me”

Disclaimer: Cheeky does not promise that these reviews are actually accurate, and we are not responsible for any misinformation regarding teachers’ true personalities. We advise you to beware of the potential human masks teachers may wear. After all, you never know if your English teacher is a werewolf in disguise.

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