Five ways to kill time during passing periods

Dec 1, 2022

Students are desperately trying to figure out how to pass time during our obscenely long passing periods, so we here at Cheeky have compiled a list of activities that are sure to keep you occupied while those lengthy breaks drone on. 

#1 Use the bathroom.

Our passing periods are definitely long enough for you to do this. Each passing period is five minutes long, which everybody knows is more than enough time to leave your class, hike to a bathroom, avoid eye contact with all the popular kids vaping in there, pee as fast as you possibly can, skip washing your hands because the sinks don’t work, and sprint to your next class like Mrs. Faheem is chasing you.

#2 Take a nap.

Did you miss some sleep last night? Did the DECA store run out of coffee to keep you functioning for the rest of the school day? Get a quick wink in during one of your passing periods so you can go to your next class nice and refreshed. In terms of places to take your little siesta, go ahead and find a comfy little patch of concrete in the parking lot to snuggle up on. Just make sure you’re wearing bright clothing so no one mistakes you for a speed bump, as if that’ll stop those newly licensed sophomores from running you over. 

#3 Study

Students who are sick of doing heaps of homework after school can simply get it all done during their passing periods. Passing periods are so insanely long, you’ll probably get all your homework done with time left to spare. If this happens to you, simply erase all the work you just did and do it all over again. That way, it’s twice the fun. 

#4 Party

Everyone and their mother knows Inglemoor is one nonstop party. Our campus is the place to be if you’re looking to let loose at 8:15 a.m. on a Monday morning. So if you don’t feel like peeing, snoozing or hitting the books during passing periods, there’s nothing wrong with putting a lampshade on your head and hitting the dance floor out in the courtyard. Just make sure you don’t slip on black ice. 

#5 Have a little me-time

The administration made our passing periods so dang long with the specific intention of giving us students some time to chill. Mental health is the district’s number one priority, after all, and giving kids a big chunk of time to just kind of do whatever they want is definitely a responsibility we’re prepared for. Passing periods are the perfect time to unroll your yoga mat and find your inner peace while doing one of the calming yoga poses that come most recommended for stressed students, like the downward dog or the fetal position. 


Disclaimer: You and I both know our passing periods are so short, you can’t even blink without hearing the bell ring. We don’t have to warn you not to try any of the activities we recommended in this article because you ain’t got the time.

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