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Get freakishly fashionable with these killer costume ideas!

Cheeky Halloween costume ideas

Oct 30, 2022

Welcome one, welcome all! Now that it’s fall, Halloween will soon be upon us. What joy! In the spirit of the season, we here at Cheeky have decided to grace you all with our frighteningly fashionable Halloween costume ideas. Make your friends as green as the Wicked Witch Of The West (or was it the East?) with envy at the mere sight of your gorgeous costume with the help of the prodigious talents here at Cheeky (that’s us).

Paper bag: The perennial classic, this costume is sure to disguise AND impress. Paper bags are cheap and easy to find. You can even reuse the old one that had your moldy baloney sandwich in it (maybe after throwing one of those pine tree car air fresheners inside). Once you’ve organically sourced your paper bag, cut out some eye holes, and violá! You’ve got yourself a costume! If you want to put a nifty spin on this classic, just customize it with markers and crayons; let your inner kindergartener run wild. 

The bold gourd: Have you ever seen those cute yet miserable children dressed as pumpkins? Well, we’re sick of this boring, albeit adorable, cliché of a costume. Be different, be trendy, be quirky; dress up as a gourd for Halloween. It might sound unflattering at first, but trust us, you’re going to absolutely slay this costume. Whether you’re dressing up as a typical gourd or a more niche variety such as the penguin gourd, his trailblazing look is sure to impress botanists and suitors alike. 

A Nordic News fan: Want to promote the best student newspaper in the world? Dress up as one of our lovely (and very real) fans by casually carrying around a copy of our paper and pretending to read it, even in contexts where it might be weird. For example, at dinner with your family or while your significant other is breaking up with you. You can also carry around a giant stack of our papers and aggressively hand them out to students in the halls; hopefully, some of them will at least pretend to read it just to humor us, just like Governor Jay Inslee. 

Your favorite celebrity: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. First, pick a celebrity to imitate, then use this tutorial to put together a costume that will make you completely indistinguishable from them. There’s a wide variety of celebrities to dress up as. From celebrities that show up to the Met Gala in dresses you’d have to sell your organs to afford, to celebrities that walk out the door with clothes found from their grandma’s closetMost celebrities have a signature outfit you can recreate. but instead of being adorned with diamonds and luxury fabrics, you can make do with glitter and plastic wrap. Remember, not every signature outfit makes a good costume. Like Lady Gaga’s meat dress, which won’t work as a costume unless you want attention from the local butcher shop or a pack of hungry dogs. If the “Meat” Gala look isn’t your thing, you can just dress in casual clothes and pretend to be a Z-list celeb avoiding the paparazzi. 

Full IB student: Some of you won’t have to dress up for this, but for those of you who do, don your normal clothes and add a few simple details: a backpack laden heavy with school work, an aura of academic exhaustion, and a nagging worry that you’re being exploited by IB to make the school money in exchange for something that won’t actually matter once you graduate. 

Vampire: A cultural staple — just find an elegant cape, add some fake fangs, and your work is done! Whether you’re a Twilight enthusiast or a (blood) sucker for Dracula, this costume is sure to make you look fly as a bat…if only you could actually see yourself in the mirror once you’ve put it on…

Disclaimer: Cheeky doesn’t actually recommend these costumes, unless you want to be a fashion flop at whatever Halloween party you go to. If you don’t want to wear your costume to a party or trick-or-treat amongst hordes of children, you can always stay home and eat stale candy straight out of the bag.

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