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Justin Geib teaches his first period AP Statistics class about distribution. His word problems always seem to consist of the same themes, including penguins with top hats and no shows at airports.

Teacher feature: The Geib in the suit

May 8, 2023

Among the teachers at Inglemoor lies a gold mine of joy: Justin Geib (he/him). A man of mystery, Geib shows up fully clad in a suit each day, ready to teach burnt-out students about the wonders of Geometry and AP Statistics. 

“I’ve been teaching for over 3000 years,” joked Geib, who has actually taught at Inglemoor for six years.

Senior Sasha Cass (she/her) has first period AP Statistics with Geib, and when she first met him, she said he seemed like a very funny and statistical man.

“Mr. Geib always makes jokes about how he stays at the school 24/7 and charges in the cabinet, and all of my classmates have always been interested in what a day in the life of Mr. Geib would look like,” said Cass. “We imagine it would be waking up, unplugging from his charging port, and lint rolling his suit. And solving statistical problems in grocery stores about penguins in top hats. And playing with his dogs a little bit.”

However, Mr. Geib said that his real everyday life isn’t that interesting. He first wakes up at around five and takes his dogs out before he drives to school for work.

“I’m at work, and I teach period one, and then I teach period two, teach period three, and then I teach period four. Oh, wait, I go to lunch. I go to lunch first, then I teach period four, and then I teach period five. I teach period six. Period seven. Well, two and three are preps, but I feel like I’m still working there. Then after that, I drive home and take my dogs out. Then it’s dinner, and I go to sleep.”

Justin Geib sits at his desk. He’s said that he’s learned to have fun with organizing and planning his lessons. (Mya Vo (she/her))

Although teaching math is the main focus of his career, Geib also engages in many hobbies and interests outside of school, including playing video, card and board games; cooking; and hanging out with his two dogs, Tigy and Berlin.

“They’re half brothers. They hate each other,” said Geib. “Well, the big one likes the little one, but the little one doesn’t like the big one that much.”

Geib didn’t always want to be a math teacher, though. His aspirations at a young age were a bit more interstellar. 

“As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut,” recalled Geib. “Still working on that right now.”

As for now, Geib noted that teaching is the best part of his job — he’s been to work meetings before, but he finds them incredibly dull. In addition, he thinks that teaching has more liveliness to it. 

“I enjoy talking about ideas and helping out other people. It’s a fun thing to do, and a lot of it can be entertaining,” said Geib.

Many students of Geib’s can be found raving about the humor he brings to his classes, whether it’s about penguins with top hats or the immense number of no-shows at airports. 

“My favorite thing about Mr. Geib is that although the AP Statistics curriculum is quite grueling, he always makes it fun and he always cracks statistical jokes,” said Cass.

Geib’s enthusiasm towards his career seems very evident to some, as his passion for the job shines through the lack of enthusiasm many students have for mathematics.

“He is a great teacher and also a great person to talk to,” said Cass. “He has always been there in helping students in their academic success.”

English teacher Sean Burrus (he/him) also lauded his talent for teaching.

“Students all love him, and that’s the proof in the pudding for a teacher for me. He’s a strong individual. He’s a great math teacher,” said Burrus. “I mean, I’ve been a math teacher in my life, okay. And I know that Justin just rocks; everybody loves AP Stats. That’s why I appreciate him so much as a colleague and a teacher because he’s got that individuality. And he brings that to bear every single moment of his life, and everybody loves him. So, go Mr. Geib!”

In addition, Burrus recalled when the principal at that time devised a staff bonding activity at a ropes course, where Geib left a lasting impression on everyone who was there. Burrus, along with many others, were not huge fans of heights, and as a result, they were hesitant to try the ropes course.

“So then Geib shows up in a suit and tie, and does the ropes course in his suit and tie and I was like, ‘I gotta do it,’” said Burrus. “The dude, he’s up there in his suit and tie. He’s in the harness. He’s doing the ropes. He’s doing the zipline. He’s in a suit and tie, dude. Like, okay, okay, forget it. If he’s gonna do that, I’m going.”

Burrus went on to share his theory as to why Geib is able to connect with his students so well. 

“That he’s just genuine; there’s no guile in Justin Geib. He is completely whole; he’s who he is. He doesn’t ever compromise himself or what he’s doing. He’s just doing it. The old phrase from the old days is ‘he’s wholecloth.’ He’s not fake. There’s no patches on Justin Geib. He’s wholecloth. He’s who he is. He’s an individual. And he digs that. That’s the way he lives his life. It’s just this genuine, authentic life. And he just does that right on the students’ level.”

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