Get to know some of the stylish students on campus who pull inspiration from all over pop culture! Learn tips to expand your own personal style from these fashionable icons.
Get to know some of the stylish students on campus who pull inspiration from all over pop culture! Learn tips to expand your own personal style from these fashionable icons.
Alan Wu (he/him) and Alissa Lau (she/they)

Vikings are ready to rock the runway

Sophomore Zoe Skofstad (she/they) said she’s inspired by Japanese street style, Harajuku brands such as ACDC RAG and other Japanese pop media like FRUiTS Magazine. Skofstad is wearing a pastel quilted dress, and ribbon headdress, along with their layered necklaces and angel wing fuse bead earrings. Adding onto the Japanese street style-inspired look, Skofstad wore a My Melody plush keychain and a matching fuzzy hoodie. They said that fashion is a huge part of their life and while it’ll probably just stay a hobby for them, it would be cool to become a fashion designer.

Zoe Skofstad posing in a Japanese streetwear inspired outfit on April 6. (Alissa Lau (she/they))

Junior Kira Mendizabal (she/they) is wearing an oversized red jacket over a cropped white graphic T-shirt paired with blue baggy jeans and black leather platform shoes. Mendizabal is accessorizing her outfit with layered necklaces, silver rings and white crocheted arm warmers with maroon star accents that were made by her sister. They said that they began caring about fashion and how they dress last year when they began to use social media as a way to find style inspiration.

“Once you get online, then you start to see lots of outfits and it’s like, ‘Oh, I should probably care about how I look,’” said Mendizabal.

Kira Mendizabal posing in an outfit in her own personal style on April 4. (Alissa Lau (she/they))

Junior Landon Lutz (he/him) takes a minimalistic approach towards his style, gravitating towards basic clothing pieces that are easy to work with. Lutz said that he draws inspiration from Tiktok and the brand Tommy Hilfiger because of the easy and stylish look of their clothing. Lutz wore a black Tommy Hilfiger sweater layered under a black puffer vest, paired with blue straight-leg carpenter jeans and white Comme des Garcons Converse hightops.


Landon Lutz wearing an outfit that he styled through layering on April 4. (Alissa )

Senior Jocabed Chavez (she/her) finds inspiration for her style in the music she listens to and social media. Notable alternative figures from the 2000s, such as the clothing brand Affliction and the character Jesse Pinkman from the hit show “Breaking Bad” also influence her fashion. Chavez wore an oversized gray button-down with baggy green cargo pants and a black lace tank top. She accessorized her outfit with a silver Hello Kitty necklace and a skull-patterned belt. Chavez said that she thrifts the majority of clothes, and she likes that thrifting is now popular.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always had secondhand clothing, and at first I felt very ashamed of it,” said Chavez. “But now that it’s popular, it’s nice to know that everyone does that also.

Jocabed Chavez wears a neutral-toned oversized outfit on April 4. (Alan Wu (he/him))

Sophomore El Larson (she/they) described her clothing aesthetic as coquette, which is characterized by its light and feminine look that often uses pastel colors and lace. Larson said she likes to use fashion to express herself to others. She paired an oversized pink cow print cardigan with pink heart-shaped buttons layered over a white turtleneck with black velvet pants and black-heeled Mary Jane shoes. For accessories, Larson wore a pearl headband and a pink crystal necklace.

El Larson wearing a coquette inspired outfit on April 3. (Alissa Lau (she/they))
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Alissa Lau (she/they)
Alissa Lau (she/they), Social Media Editor
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Alan Wu (he/him)
Alan Wu (he/him), Design Editor
Senior Alan Wu is the Design Editor for the 2023-2024 school year, and is looking forward to creating eye-catching articles and developing his design portfolio. He also wishes to make Nordic a more fun and interesting class for new staff, as well as help them develop their design skills along with him. Another club he participates in is Mock Trial, where he is the current PR Manager. Away from school, he enjoys various arts such as jewelry making and painting, listening to music, and going out with friends. 

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