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Nov 15, 2022


Hope Rasa (she/her)

New campus supervisors John Pioli and Sarah Beeson outside of their office.

This year, Inglemoor welcomed two new additions to its campus security team: campus supervisors John Pioli (he/him) and Sarah Beeson (she/her), who will be helping campus supervisor Ric Calhoun (he/him) keep the school safe. 

Calhoun used to be the only campus supervisor, so he had to spin a lot of plates when it came to looking after the school. With Pioli and Beeson to share the workload with this year, the campus security team is doing their job even more efficiently and thoroughly than before. 

Pioli works in the parking lot before school, helping manage parking and security as students arrive. Pioli spends the rest of the day processing detentions, monitoring lunch detentions, patrolling campus, and much more. Pioli said his main priority is to create a safe and welcoming environment for students.

“I know a lot of people, when they see security they think that we’re just trying to catch them doing bad, and that’s not the truth,” said Pioli.

Campus security aims to help students by keeping them on task and in class during the day. 

Beeson specializes in parking, so she spends most of her day patrolling the parking lots and issuing tickets for parking violations. In addition to her parking duties, Beeson is also responsible for monitoring the bathrooms and campus. 

“My goal isn’t to ruin anyone’s good time, but there has to be order and control. Everyone can’t just do what they want. Otherwise, nobody has a good time,” said Beeson.

Calhoun said he can’t say enough about how happy it makes him that Pioli and Beeson are now part of his team. 

Their hard work and commitment to making Inglmoor a safer place have made a real difference compared to last year. Of course, we still have a ways to go, but with their help, this year will be a much better school year for campus safety and for students to be able to park in the parking spaces they paid for.”

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