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Aug 24, 2022



Liked who?


Amy O’Connell
Alex Dixon
6th-7th grade
Finn Meyer
Emerson Ellis
10th grade-present
Drew Suarez
Rachel Stevens
Katie Li 
Nicole Chan
Aidan Beeler
Brandon Sheneman
Emerson Ellis
Finn Meyer
Last week-present
Mireya Avalos
Noah Laird
7th-8th grade
Mahima Uliyer
Ava Falck
Andres Cabrera
Jimmy Liu
Sophia Longcore 
Katie Li
Nesta Fitzgerald
Peter Romelous 
Since day one
Ava Falck
Mahima Uliyer
Jose A. Cortes
Arely Gonzales
12th grade
Connor Gibbons
Paul Kim
7th grade-present
Maya Nair
Katie Li
Lydia Oh
Owen Henson
9th-10th grade
Joey Sherman
Jack Jenkins
Lana Westerbeck
Kaden Mullins
7th-8th grade
Tiffany Shim
Rohan Simha
Noah Laird
Mireya Avalos
7th-8th grade
Gabriella Pletosu
Daisy Liu
May 23, 2022-present
Jaylen Minor
Jaime Paredes
Tammi Tran
Conor Saarinen
4th-6th grade
Sophia Lamaazi
Cody Marx
9th grade-present
Darren Thai
Irving Leyva
Cody Marx
Avery Erdman
Ava Falck
9th grade-present


In sophomore year my friends and I never went to a single assembly, we would always just leave and get breakfast at McDonald’s. – Jake Lee 

“Going to the bathroom” really means that I’m going to the DECA store and eating cookies. – Emerson Ellis

Almost every time I farted I would blame it on someone next to me. – Jaylen Minor

I have been in love with Marcin Kopciewski since the moment I laid eyes on him. Our relationship has never bloomed due to a constant battle for attention between Mireya Avalos and I. He’s almost oblivious to my love for him, and she’s always getting in the way of our romance. – Noah Laird

Nasu Sensei is my sister. – Tuyen Bui

During freshman year I went on a field trip for cross country and we went to Safeway to buy dinner and I dropped a box of fried chicken on the floor and left it there. I think about this at night when trying to sleep sometimes. – Joey Sherman

I walk across streets like I’m daring the cars to hit me. – Gabriela Pletosu

I have been in a continual battle with Noah Laird for the affection of sweet sweet Marcin Kopciewski. Noah is such an attention hog, he’s always trying to one-up me and all I’ve ever wanted is the love from the freak of nature that is Mr. Kopciewski. As we go our separate ways, I hope he ponders what could’ve been. – Mireya Avalos

I did lots of my online classes on my phone while I was hiking with my dog. – Alice Taylor

I babysat one of Mrs. Black’s guinea pigs over winter break and my dog almost ate it. – Avery Erdman

I made the most unpredictable, most random best friend group with Kaitlyn Snyder, Connor Foley, and John Rion Guay. We would hang out day and night, we were all like siblings. – Monica Yber

I’ve been sent to the principal’s office because I accidentally broke my friend’s phone. – Lily Nuttbrock

Snuck into and through the buildings a couple of times. One time I went through a window. – Eglantine Plisson

I stole a school instrument in middle school. It’s currently still in my room.-  Teaguen Virgillo

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