The science behind self-love

Mar 23, 2018

Self-love is often stigmatized as a luxury rather than a necessity, but in actuality the kinder you to both your mind and body, the better you feel and perform.

“[Self care] is very important for a sense of happiness overall. It increases your belief in yourself and the amount of control you have over your life,” psychology teacher Katrina Allemeier said.

According to researchers at the University of Texas positive feedback makes your brain much more productive when it comes to focus and stamina. Which in the long run leads to a greater likelihood of success and happiness. Societally, however, people often become concerned that caring for or about yourself is narcissistic and arrogant.

Allemeier said that while one can definitely become too self absorbed, self care isn’t about letting yourself off the hook.

“There is a difference between believing you are in control and thinking your life is all that,” she said.

Allemeier said that arrogance is being unable to recognize your flaws or being humble about your accomplishments. That being as realistic and kind as possible to yourself and others is the best way to take care of yourself and in the end it’s a balancing act.

“If you treat others better than you treat others, or vice versa, that’s a little messed up,” Allemeier said.

Allemeier said she thinks about self care like flowers. If someone needed to be cheered up and you bought them flowers, that very nice gesture. If you needed to be cheered up, however, many hesitate to buy themselves flowers.

“It seems that we never see ourselves in this light and it’s so hard not to make one mistake take over your sense of worth,” Allemeier said, “but if you are patient and kind you will be fine”.

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