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The Kellen Show

Episode 2: On this week’s episode of the “The Kellen Show”,  Nordic’s Kellen Hoard and his guest; former Norshore School District Board President Sandy Hayes each critique several different gingerbread cookies, purchased from Bothell’s Hillcrest Bakery. Hayes has baked gingerbread cookies in the past, so her experience could give her an advantage in their comparisons and possibly affect Kellen’s rating.



Episode 1: In the inaugural episode of “The Kellen Show,” Nordic’s very own Kellen Hoard begins his new journey as a dessert food critic as both he and his guest, Principal Adam Desautels, review the top macarons from Kirkland’s Lady Yum Bakery to determine the best type of flavor, whether it be one with strawberry or a creamy filling. Kellen then answers the questions: Is each macaron really worth the 2.50 price tag? And have the macrons changed Mr. Desautels view of not liking sweet desserts to enjoying them?