Kumon review


Ishika Kaushik

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Kenmore. The center’s address is 6524 NE 181st St Suite 10, Kenmore, WA 98028 and the director and instructor of Kumon math and reading is Xiaohui Xi. She is looking to hire a couple assistants to work part time. You can contact her at 206-390-8943. Photo By Ishika Kaushik

Ishika Kaushik, Business Manager

Over the past 15 years, many students have attended the Kumon Math and Reading center in Kenmore for after-school supplemental education or as teaching assistants, gaining key teaching and communication skills.

“Those who have worked at Kumon have gained great experience for future opportunities and have become very  capable employees who any prospective future employer would be very fortunate to have,” director and instructor of Kumon math and reading Xiaohui Xi said.

Sophomore and former teacher assistant Lucy Kolde said working at Kumon gave her initial job experience and boosted her confidence. 

“I definitely think Kumon is a great starter job for everyone. The kids are really appreciative and sweet, so I feel like you receive a lot more gratitude than if you were working in a store,” Kolde said. 

Former employees also said that they gained a diverse range of skills that are useful in school and other settings.

“The best thing at Kumon are the students and the interpersonal skills you can gain!” senior and former teacher assistant Andhisty Mahmud said. 

Xi said that assistants have played a pivotal role in helping Kumon students progress academically while learning key skills to further their own careers and goals. 

“Working there made me feel like I was having an impact on the success of younger students through their education,” senior and former teacher assistant Lucy Toner said. 

Apart from helping assistants, Xi said Kumon has also helped students of all ages improve academically and achieve their goals.

“In my time in the community, I’ve seen many kids from as young as 3 years old to early college students reach their academic goals and develop study habits and work ethic,” Xi said.

“I’ve witnessed them develop vital character traits such as perseverance, endurance and patience which will enable them to solve long and challenging problems they will face in high school, college and beyond.”


Recommendations text:

“I  recommend Kumon as a job as  it was a  great  way  to get involved in the community. For me personally, it was a great first job with a flexible schedule that allowed me to see these younger students grow!”

– Senior Lucy Toner

“My main subject there was math. I  graded papers and answered questions for a few hours. From my experience, almost all your coworkers are around your age, so if you ever have a problem, everyone’s understanding. They’re in the same boat as you.” 

– Sophomore Lucy Kolde

“To my surprise, many of the students were very patient going  through  the worksheets, and some were even excited when they finally understood something.” 

– Senior Andhisty Mahmud

“It  was incredibly rewarding when a student would come back with 100% on a test or their homework.”

– Senior Lucy Toner